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Unique factory!

Upcoming creations for me!
Sadly, dino coins don’t grow on trees… anyway, heres my progress on the hybrids!


As you can see: I have plenty of all ingridients for making it… except for Darwin… so some Darwin in epic incubators would be awsome!


Kinda close… but limited by coins and dilo and trex 2. But the event will help me out!

Sry… but I will soon join the dark side.


U need a boat load more DNA for all 3 ingredients until tenontorex. Even if u had the coins that’s only enough dna to get you to level 18 for tenonto

Just a heads up

Great work! It may feel like a slog, but you’ll get there! Keep maxing supply drops for coins and enjoy the hunt!

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are you in an alliance? way more t-rex 2 and dilo to be found there than in the wild.