Unique from commons and rares

Tyrannolophosaur (legendary) = Tyrannosaurus gen 2 (rare) + Dilophosaur gen 2 (common)
Tenontorex (unique) = Tyrannolophosaur (legendary) + Tenontosaurus (rare)

So, Tenontorex (unique) components are:

Tyrannosaurus gen 2 (rare)
Dilophosaur gen 2 (common)
Tenontosaurus (rare)

Alliance - Gifting

  • You can request DNA from Common or Rare creatures you have unlocked.


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People getting screwed by Ludia for months through being put in local 3 (allo/toujiango/mojo zone) might actually get some uniques now :smiley:

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The new stegodeus…

LOL- Everyone is going to want them, I assume no one is going to want to trade them. Maybe I am wrong.

'Till it becomes too overused and they decide to nerf it :laughing:

It was way too powerful when considering its component ingredients and rarity

Now you know what will gonna happen.:roll_eyes:

I have calculated that with my current DNA I can create the legendary and evolve it up to level 17 so it would not enter my team. Possibly it would not enter until reaching level 21 but surely it would take a long time to reach that goal and at that time level 21 would not be enough either. For the same reason the unic is still further away.

Something similar happens with the Purrolyth that could also create at level 17 but far from the creation of the unique and its evolution at level 20/21.

His creation seems a success and can provide diversity of opponents but will hardly be useful for me and, therefore, possibly the four are added to the list of creatures that I will never create.

find some bleeders in the team…those monsters will be killed easily

from my experience, don’t join the majority chasing hot creatures…find some others with niche and not so expensive…then make them level 26-30. that will keep u in this game much longer and not so frustrated while ur favorite get nerfed. also with this balanced team, u will stay in top 100.