Unique fuse dna

Why is the minimum dna :dna: upgrade set to 10 only for uniques? It takes more dna to fuse and then to spend 1,000 coins to ONLY receive a 10 dna upgrade for a unique is honestly the biggest rip off. Uniques minimum should be set to 20 or above, whatever the max of the legendary is, 200 legendary dna does not equate to 10 unique fuse come on ludia


I 100000000000000000000000000% agree with this message


That’s the point, you’re supposed to grind. You can’t just have everything handed to you


I would 10000000% love for the minimum fuse to be 20 on uniques.
Can’t tell you how many times I’ve waited days for a fuse on Gem, only to get a 10.


I’m not asking for a hand out, I’m asking for a fair trade for a fuse considering the ratio is massively uneven for each fuse on them yet legendary and epics don’t have such a bare minimum each and every fuse. Uniques 9/10 times fuse 10 dna each time! How is that a fair grind?


I get your point but honestly it should be like that or the game would become unplayable very quickly and boring too. What does bother me is you put in all that time, effort and coins to see the creature nerfed to shreds next update. That should be dealt with.


Wait until you find out an apex fuse can also be 10

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Uniques are meant to be harder to fuse for, than uniques, so it’s fine that you get 10’s


If you increase the base rate you are leveling out the grind required across all rarities. How is that logical?

Minimum fuse DNA is 10 for all rarities. Rare, epic, legendary, unique and apex, all can be 10’s and 100’s.

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Ya, I think he’s just angry it’s much more likely to get a 10. I don’t care too much cuz I have more of a gold issue.

It is sometimes frustrating, but @Lilmsjennie should just spend more time on unlocking things which makes game more fun, especially in tourneys.

I’ve gotten plenty of 20s, 30s, 50s & more on uniques. While the rng on fuses can be bad, there’s always a workaround. For example, fusing has a sort of cycle of low(er) dna and high(er) dna fuses. If you’ve had a bunch of 10s in a row it’s likely to be followed by one or more fuses that are 50+ dna. Trying to catch when the cycle changes can be hard but I’ve managed to use this to squeeze more dna per fuse on uniques. This doesn’t always work but it does help. Btw, the best way to see how this cycle works is to do x5/x20 fuses on say, rare or epic hybrids (if you have the dna). You’ll notice a pattern if you do several of these fuses in a row.

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