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Unique hybrid idea

Acro plus poukaidei to make a fierce cunning theropod and have the design be a large theropod with a mane of feathers


poukaidei sucks. it would just make Acro look bad. No offense, but that creature would just always PoukaiDIE in the arenas

I chose Poud because the unique would look cool

looks have nothing to do with strength

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Just for that, I’m making this thing really good.

Hey @Justen_Toivonen, how do you like this? I call it Sauronis

Health: 4550
Damage: 1600
Speed: 126
Armor: 0%
Critical Chance: 20%

Cautious Strike
Fearless Impact
Fierce Rampage
Distracting Rampage

50% Distraction
100% Stun

Possible Design:
Acrocanthosaurus body, with dark red feathers covering it, going to the head the feathers turn a blueish gray, and the snout is longer and thinner. The tail is grey feathers, and the arms and legs become almost dark blue in appearance.

Possible Description:
The Sauronis likes to live in colder climates, due to it not having to compete as much with other large carnivores. The colors on its body help it to blend in during dawn and dusk hours, so that’s when it usually hunts.


Love it the way I envisioned it wasn’t too far off from your description

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Thanks. Anything you think should be different?

Acro and the Not-Raven sounds cool, but if acro is still gonna be exclusive the no

This sounds dope plus I love the idea of adding more feathered theropods to the game

Yeah really nicely! But should we just gonna call it “SAURORNIS”? means Bird Lizard, it’s have 2 dino bloodline but only 1 eagle blood? And due to the design too?


I like it. Also long time no talk. How is everything?

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The only thing I would make different is have the mane of feathers be blood red the body being black and and other feathers be white

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Ok. Seems interesting. I just went with the colors I chose due to the colors of the components

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