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Unique Mega-bleeder: Suchonyx

What do you get when you combine 2 (mostly) feared bleeders?

Kit: Minor rending attack
Superior Wound
Maiming Wound
Distracting Wound (instant distraction without priority and DoT 33.4% dmg for 2 turns)
swap-in wound
no resistances

Don’t give Ludia any ideas…

i wont (will)

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It looks good, but the Rending rampage doesn’t work. It’s just Rending attack with a new name.Other than that it looks good


“Suck on it”
Well played


It would be Suck on ix. Close, but not quite there. Also, it’s likely su cho nyx.


Just let me have this laugh plz


Oh you did. Now the fun police is here.
Anyways yes, laugh while you can.


Make rending rampage 150% rend


Um what? This would kill everything without rend resistance, dodge or distract. The least it would do with 150% rend is 37.5, and 75% with 50% rend resistance. So no. Maybe just Rending takedown?

2 turn delay, 2 turn cooldown

Easy fix


Ya, that could work. At least there is rend resistance, and its HP should be just enough that you can pull it off.

That can’t be possible to have a bleed as a first move especially a maiming wound I can just use it that use rendering take down and any creature that isn’t resistant or immune will just die

But love the idea

there is a reason rending rampage has a cooldown of 3

Currently there isn’t. If you are talking about the changes made, then yes.

welp, some dinos do have a wound as primary

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You know Thulocatator exists right? That’s it’s entire playstyle. The other 2 are just extra moves to cleanse and slow.

We have minor rending attack… remove rending rampage, replace it with maiming wound and make minor rending counter attack it’s basic attack. All creatures need a basic attack with no delay or cooldown.

Well that’s what has been in the game. However, there are plenty of moves you can combine in order to make all of them have a cooldown without having to risk a turn of not doing anything.

… It has to do with the ability for the game to auto select the basic attack if someone is not currently battling. This doesn’t have that and it would have a whole host of code and battling problems. Lets say you can finish a creature off but OH NO, your basic attack has a cooldown and you need to use a good move you wanted to use on the next creature. See the problem? This thing has a whole host of issues that can be easily fixed by removing rending rampage (its useless), give it minor rending attack as it’s basic attack and move maiming wound in place of rending rampage. Simple, its fixed.
Oh also IT HAS A TURN 1 DEVASTATION!. That is far too powerful, that has to also change in favor of something else. Perhaps exploit wound would work best for it, or maybe rending attack. Hell if you really wanted give it debilitating distraction.

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