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Unique or Legendary


Tyrannolophosaur or Tenontorex Which would be one you’d shoot for or would you pass on both. With DNA and coins a scare commodity I don’t want to throw away what I can’t afford to on a wrong decision. They are almost the same with SS and Nullify. Almost being the operative.


Honestly I’d pass and save the coins and Alliance requests. I’d definitely wait until 1.6 drops and we have a good idea of the new arena interactions.


I don’t even know if 1.6 will drop soon.


Should be this month


Tentorex is one of my favorite dinosaurs it has a good kit and can counter Trykosaurus if you are seeing it yet.


And you need trynolophosaurs to get to it so if you collect Dinos it’s two birds with one stone.


I prefer Tyranno over Tenontorex even though the former is slower. It has nullifying strike and you cannot find any other theropods with this move. If an I rex cloaks in the first turn, it can kill the I rex without taking any damage.

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I would pick nullifying over SS as well…

Say good by to evasion/cloak, ferocity/RTC and shields … much more bang for your buck than SS IMO.

And don’t forget, it’s (obviously) much easier to over level a tyrannoloph than to level tenonto

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Hersh posted my opinion for me, it seems.