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Unique plans!


I have two uniques dioraja and rinex. Im a lvl 15 player, that is poor (in dino coins). And since money is important, I need some tips.
Im currently aiming for erlidom. I have a lvl 20 indom, and I just need 400 more erliko DNA… So thats the most likley one to get. Plus the awsome speed and abilities makes me really eager to get it. PLUS IMMUNITY!
Im also close to stygidaryx. Lvl 18 stygi gen 2, and lvl 19 Darwezopteryx.
The ones I want are also Indo(enough for a lvl 19 velo), Dilorach(enough for lvl 20 deino, have not unlocked dilorano…), And finally Thor, I have enough for a lvl 20 Tarbo and enough for a lvl 19 allosino.

Which one is worth going for?

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Erlidom and Thor… hands down


Erlidom and Dilo are overall very strong.
Thor and Indoraptor can 1-3 your enemys, but you need some good RNG for them.
I’m working on stygidarix myself, but he is the weakest from all 5.

I love my erlido and you will to :slight_smile:


All in all thor indo and dilor are in my team abd are beasty you can 3-0 with thor or indo like the previous comment rng depending where as dilor is revenge kill into stun then kill if you pkay right you can rampage and run into dracocera


I would absolutely say Thor; his ingredients are fairly common (yes, even Sinoceratops - we have had many opportunities to bank Sino DNA from Featured Events and Alliance Mission rewards…) and it has quite high damage potential even before taking a 40% critical hit rate into account.

I’m still a big fan of Indoraptor, but you just don’t see Velociraptor as often as you used to… so it’s slow going. Nowadays, I’m happy if I get a single fuse attempt in a week.

Big “If”, but if you can afford it, go for Magnapyritor.