Unique progression!

Oooh, were half way there, Oohooo Living on
a prayer!

Well kinda…
Getting closer to stygidaryxz surley but utterly slow… at least I will have it when it has it’s new buff🙂
I have plenty of stygi G2 and hazegopteryx… but the darwin… it’s so hard to get! I got 150 in an epic incubator… and fused to darwizopteryx and got 10, 10, and 10… annoying. Later today, since it’s saturday, I found a darwin! Got 100 DNA for him. Fused to darwizop and got 10, then 20 :frowning: So frustrating… anyway got enough for 1 daryx fuse… got 30. After everything I WILL TAKE IT! Soo back to square one… more Darwin.
Sanctuaries sounds really dope gryposuchus will go there a lot… but I can’t use Darwin in them… that sucks, but hopefully I get darwin in some incubators. Would love some events or even daily rewards dna!


That unique was a struggle for me as well. Now I’m in the battle of getting Darwin to 20. I think it’s 18 now. I’m not sure. I found 3 Darwin today so I was happy. That stygidaryxz unique I created is level 21 still and will be there until I at least create Vex. Vex is one of 3 creatures I have left until my collection is complete.

Good luck on your Darwin hunt.

Nice! Hang in there! Darwinopterus can be hard to find. Here’s to hoping more will come your way. :grinning: