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Unique Pterasaur rework + new Pterasaur hybrid concept

I love the unique Pterasaur hybrids and really want them to be better. I also equally want the deserving Alankylosaurus to get a hybrid so here are some concepts I made.

Stygidaryx rework

download (23)
My favourite creature in this game by a long shot but it suffers from a lack of defense and offense so it can be pretty easily dispatched. In order to rectify this I gave Stygidaryx another damaging move to help it deal a bit more damage and gave it a more on demand shield to help it block more hits whilst still slowing the target. What you might notice is that I removed cleansing swoop for wound, stun and run. When thinking what to do, I thought cleansing swoop wasn’t the right move for the Daryx I was designing and lethal swoop delt too much bleed (when combined with the counter) for my liking so I went with this new one (I always thought Stygidaryx should have a stunning move since G1 Stgi has one). The aim of decontaminate is to set up a T2 swoop if you wish to do that. Not sure if it’s SIA is overkill since it sorta counters fierce but get back to me on that . Finally whilst you might be puzzled by the counter, I think it really helps Daryx be a much more agressive bleeder and more meta relevant so at the very least, if all else fails, it might be able to get at least one bleed on the enemy

Pteravexus rework

download (27)
Ok first off I hate Vexus having pinning strike so since Nul impact is gone nullifing strike makes sense. I decided to get rid of this guys swoops and make it a less swap based Pterasaur. Put maiming wound in because I think Thyla shouldn’t be the only creature that has it and greater Cripple because it has distraction and dot capabilities. Lift of is basically fearless flap but it boosts attack power a bit which I think this creature benefits from and the dodge ability is a nice addition to this dino. Sia makes sense but like Daryx say if it’s too much. Counter makes a nice addition but say if you think it’s too much. The speed resistance…decided to reduce it to 50 after a fairly significant speed boost, especially when you combine it with lift off. Wasn’t sure if 0 would just make it too easy but then again it needs to be countered by somethings so comment on what you think below.


Dunno how useful this would be but a heavily armoured Pterasaur sounded fun. Initially I wanted to give it devestation but I think that superior vunrebility and Resilient Rampage are a better fit. Group shields is just a nice, fast shield move (but not sure if it’s too much with that 50% armour). Territorial Insticts is just a jacked up version of Dig in that’s slows you instead of speeds you. This is very anti cunning as your gonna take little damage with the 75% shield and heal a fair amount. The slow is good since the shield blocks quite a bit and is present for 2 turns (also stops the heal being as effective against fierce creatures).

If you think anything is too OP or not good enough I’ll try to change it.


Love that pteravexus!


The other two are nice, but Stigydaryx with Wounding Counter goes against what I think it should be. I don’t think it’s overpowered, I just don’t like it. The moveset you gave it is definitely interesting though.


Yeah I can totally understand that. Pretty much the only reason I threw it in was because I thought it could be an interesting strategy to inflict DoT on the enemy without continuously swapping

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Thanks. I wanted to rework it in an interesting way that gave it some versatile role in the arena