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Unique raids

I like the raids. Some are beatable, some are not for me. I am fine with the level of challenge. In the unique raid I just finished, I got 15 unique dna. Given the level of challenge 100 unique dna would have been more appropriate. Please increase the rewards to match the level of challenge. You give out more unique dna in the campaigns which are easier then the raid.


The unique raids aren’t that tough and the numbers are random you could have gotten anywhere from 200 dna to 15 dna so better luck next time bud.

And dont forget you can get these Raid Dna rewards every week. In campaign its one time only.

If you got 100 every time it would break the game in 3 week I could get a level 1 player a unique just by having them tag along with my group when we raid.


I died of rending, we still won tho on the second last turn.

You can win without healer or shielder.

Tryko raid would be fun, tough but fun.