Unique Randomized Velociraptor Hybrid

I have just realized that we do not have a unique raptor yet so here is my randomized Rhinoraptor! (Artwork coming soon)


It looks cool

Put Resistant reduce damage to 100%

Wat do u mean by that

Not another swap-in :sob:

Also we have Quetzorion which is technically a raptor unique

Quetzorion is not technically a raptor

I mean it has the animations of a raptor, and uses Tanycolagreus to make it which is at the base of the velociraptor/bird tree of all theropod dinosaurs

She looks more like a turkey than a raptor :rofl:

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It doesn’t use the same animations as raptors. It uses the small theropod rig, which includes Dilophosaurus and Monolophosaurus. Tanycolagreus also isn’t a dromaeosaur, which all the “raptors” are.

Screenshot 2021-12-29 11.50.54 PM
i am nor good with these,

I added the artwork!

that much damage for a swap in is terrifying sheesh

That should be in the game