Unique Raptor Hybrid

Ok, so we don’t have any unique hybrid that is a raptor, Quetzorion doesn’t count. I don’t care if it is built like a raptor, the animation is different.

This is a great chance, we still have Alloraptor. If you’re gonna hybridize it with something, please make the unique a raptor. I would really like to see that.
We still have many forgotten hybrids which don’t have superhybrids- Alankylosaurus, Ankylocodon, Majundasuchus, Erlikogamma etc.

I understand it is the age of cenozoics, but I would like to see more raptor hybrids coming up, since Alloraptor was a good one.


Well, Tany and Quetzorion are not raptors at all. I was thinking a hybrid of Alloraptor with Carnotaurus (Purutaurus would be sweet but I doubt it will be combined). Maybe a potential new raptor like Deinonychus or something.


Also I agree that this Cenezoic stuff is going out of hand like seriously, no new dinosaurs or super hybrids of pre existing creatures.
I would have loved to see Tyrannotitan, Giganotosaurus, Albertosaurus, Yutyrannus,Abelisaurus, Skorpiovenator, Styracosaurus, Torosaurus, Poposaurus, Paralititan, Deinosuchus, Saurosuchus, Fasolasuchus, Megalania, Gorgonopsid and etc.


Exactly! There are still a lot of well known dinosaurs to be covered, but they went straight to cenozoics. So since we are not having dinos for a while, atleast let us have hybrids. Raptor hybrids

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Honestly, Utahrinex doesn’t look nowhere as cool as Utahsinoraptor. I still use Utahsino today because it is so fun.


Yeah, such a shame Utasinoraptor got hybridized into a freaky pachycephalosaurid.


Utahsino looks like a demon peacock while Utahrinex looks like my dad when his favourite team loses.


I would have really liked a black and white unique raptor hybrid with feathers.


And Pyrritator turned into a amphibian thing. I’m not saying Magna doesn’t look good, it’s just…sigh

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Yeah, I know.
I was disappointed since Pyritator looks better than Magna.


I would love to see many varieties with raptors. I honestly would love to see unique raptor who can boost it’s attack and distract enemies. Talk about overpowered but not that much since the immune meta attacked.

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Or shielding raptors since their health is pretty low.

Definitely lol, we only have, like 3 types of raptors? Utah,Pyro and Velo. And they kinda made it out with the raptor squad. Varieties of raptors would be nice.

I would love to see Compys and Troodon as well.

And I’m still mad at ludia having forgotten Ceratosaurus since Jurassic park 3 and all.

(Alankylosaurus lvl 20 + Blue lvl 20)

HP: 3800
DMG: 1100
SPD: 125
Armor: 25%
Crit: 5%

Superior Vulnerability
Distracting Shield
Precise Pounce
Long Invincibility

Swap in Invincibility


That’s a nice one but it’s gonna be hard getting all that Blue DNA lol.

I really like its moveset though, that would a nice addition to the game.

My iPad glitched and the name of a Dino not in Jwa showed up

Could be new upcoming Dino in next update maybe…

Apparently, that’s an old glitch going about, so we will not be getting Metriacanthosaurus anytime soon lol.
Btw, welcome to the community!