Unique Raptor

Anyone else really want to see a Unique raptor hybrid (not Indo) that has raptor animations? They’d probably have to introduce at least one new creature (cough, cough, Dakotaraptor) since almost every other creature has a hybrid, but I’d love to see Exploit Weak Spot make another appearance along with Pounce, APS, and some utility attack (Immunity Shield would be great here). Maybe throw in some armor and it’d be a relevant and interesting asset to a team.


Hybrid of Blue, Charlie, Echo and Delta

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No that just wouldn’t work. The raptor pack will be forever hybridless

Why though? In the movie they were doing some Blue + Indominus magic also.

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Yeah very true they were trying to make a new more intelligent Indoraptor that could be cool that could be one of the reasons they have nerfed the regular Indo

I don’t see how you could use all four though, one of them would have to be left out in the rain.

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Surely a raptor squad hybrid wouldn’t even be a hybrid.

Wouldn’t they just reproduce (yeah, I know they are all female) to create another raptor?

Carnoraptor. However, instead of being Carnotaurus and Pyroraptor, it’s Pyirritator and Carnotaurus. Would be a pain to get but pretty dam cool looking. Think about it, the model from JWTG with feathers?! How awesome would that be!

Can you explain what’s “Exploit Weak Spot”?

Exploit Wound, my bad. I think Exploit Weak Spot was the previous name or a similar ability


You could put Blue and Echo together to make Legendary called “Beko” and then Charlie and Delta to make legendary “Charta” and they fuse to make the unique.
It’s not the regular formula but who cares.
I’d just like to see them make a special exception and have all four dinos used at once to fuse the new Dino.
Otherwise they are all useless :worried:

That’s what I was thinking, but Ludia breaking their formula for that would be unlikely unless they get some kind of awesome profit from it.

More awesome than a super-blue-charlie-delta-echoraptor?


Magnapyrytator is actually a unique raptor as it is derived from a Pyroraptor. It just doesn’t look like one.