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Unique ( real raptor hybrid)

Okay as usual we start with the legendary and then we add the epic later so first up it parent


Health: 3,600
Attack: 1,350
Speed: 130
Armor: 0%
Crit: 10%


Strike: deal 1x damage

Armor-piercing impact: deal 1.5x damage. Bypass armor. Cool down 1

Lethal- Pounce: deal 2x damage. Reduce opponents damage by 50% for one turn. DoT 0.25 of opponents max hp for two turns. Cool down 2

Impact and run: deal 1.5x damage. Automatic swap. Delay 1

Swap-out bleed: DoT .25 of opponents max hp for two turn before swapping out


Health: 3,800
Attack: 1,200
Speed: 129
Armor: 15%
Crit: 10%


Decelerating strike deal 1x damage. Reduce opponents speed by 50% for one turn.

Lethal-Pounce: deal 2x damage. Reduce opponents damage by 50% for one turn.
DoT .25 of opponents hp for two turns.
Cool down 2

Greater stunning rampage deal 2x damage. Gain 75% chance to stun opponent for one turn. Cool down 2, delay 1

Impact and run: deal 1.5x damage. Automatic swap.

Swap-out acute stun: receive 100% to stun opponent after swapping out


Loved the looks! The moves are very good and yay for another raptor squad hybrid! :smiley:

Welp here she is

The unique raptor

Nice one, the only change i would make is the basic move to be cleansing strike instead of a normal strike but once again very good ideas. Keep the good work

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Very cool ideas :fist_left:

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Loved the final result! The only thing i would change is the damage, i think it’s too low for a raptor(though It could be fine since It has bleed? I guess i would go with 1300), but all in all great concept!

Well o don’t wan to go crazy and also wanted to make hem accurate to there parents moves and stats

I think it’s good considering it ingredients ( delta, spino gen 2, and trike gen 1) they do t all have the greatest attack so I couldn’t make it super high for now reason. Which is a problem I’ve observed with a lot of hybrids they have crazy attack and stats that just don’t make sense considering there parents

That’s true

I love both of them.

Lol thxs. Thxs to all who liked it I try to please u all

I mean at the top my head I think proRAT who goes over his parents attack and health without any draw backs such as speed or moveset. Utah sino raptor who has 400 extra damage than Utah even tho it’s the main component it takes from and considering sino now has less attack and health it and it’s cousin need to be nerfed for that. Smilonceph has 100 extra attack sure it’s not much but with delebrat e prowl and as well as immune to stuns :face_with_raised_eyebrow: why it’s non of it’s parents have that and sure it ludia they have creative control I’m just saying that sometimes need to think before they create

Don’t you dare tell me utasino needs nerfing :weary:
No but seriously, there’s no need for a rule that dictates that a hybrid has to have the convoluted stats of their parents, that would be too much restriction. Besides, they keep reworking stuff. Just because sino lost damage It doesn’t mean utasino needs nerfing just to obey an imaginary rule. Utasino is balanced in the meta so a nerf is unecessary. In this case balance is more important than this rule.
Though you must have noticed, not even Ludia knows what rules or logic they are following since their balancing decisions are very often inconsistent(hence dilophosaurus getting 1800 damage out of nowhere).
So those hybrids don’t have extra attack, or extra hp, this rule is not real, they have the number Ludia decided for them. We are the ones trying to make up rules for what we think any dino should be, but Ludia has their own ideas. As long as they are balanced, well designed and good, i don’t bother with their logic for those things.

Lol ya but they also shouldn’t go balls off the all crazy and add stupid op move ( cough cough og superiority strike and cautious strike cough cough) but it’s also some times too much of an exaggeration I mean it almost had Thor attack with a guaranteed crit, armor and instant stun on a raptor not even mine or indo is that crazy lol but ya ludia really has to inspect and think about what the have added and what there gonna add more

Also I have a feeling it is gonna get nerfed with 1.11 :joy: so ya better watch out

I don’t really use It anyway, i just don’t like when they do nonsensical unecessary nerfs that do nothing to help balance, just make people bench stuff, killing variety in the end.

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Lol but then it allows people who just depend on them to search for other better dinos to why rely on. As well as allowing other hybrids to be created and take ther place in that nish

I think you are refering to the release version of superiority strike, If then i totally agree, It was broken when It could cleanse bleed. Sure, they shouldn’t go overboard as they did with cautious strike, but dinos like utasino that have higher damage than her parents for exemple, don’t need a nerf as It isn’t disrupting balance, It has counters, so it’s fine as It is. That’s my criteria for something needing a nerf, independent of me liking or not, using or not said dino.

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Lol but counters are kinda useless in the boost meta if ya think about it. All ya need is one boost on the Dino and non of its counters can touch or kill it like they should