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Unique ( real raptor hybrid)

That’s the problem I’m talking about. They don’t need to nerf utasino for people to bench her for other new creatures. The correct way in my view is to create new hybrids that are just as good that can ocupy that niche and let people choose If they want to bench utasino for that new dino. Not forcing people to bench a dino they like by nerfing this perfectly balanced dino. That’s just unetical. Also, If some people choose to keep utasino and others choose the new dino, it creates more variety in the arena, so it’s more fun. Not just the same dinos on everyone’s team over again but just the new ones.

Lol true and while it does allow for net Veriety it also leave open the possibility of being too good for what it is I’m mean every one k ow it easy just to have utahsino rather than renex cause it’s better faster and stronger than it should be for a legendary and while yes theee is no rule that says they shouldn’t be it only a hybrid not a super hybrid I can be more forging if it was a super hybrid

Well If the counter is boosted as well then of course It counts. We need to compare dinos in an equal situation for an analisis to work. But a good counter will beat the other dino most of the time even If It is underleveled and less boosted(to a certain degree).
Maxima will beat indos 4 or even 5 levels higher than it. Erlidom will beat a magna even If the magna is faster than It. Counters still matter even with the current boost system.

But is It really better than rinex? Not really. Rinex wins more matchups and i see more people using rinex than utasino. Though both are a bit scarce where I’m at on the arena. So i don’t think either of them are too good for what they are.

True but there not as reliable take for instance like u said magna versus erlidom while erlidom might win it does have the same chance as a normal base stat erlidom vs base stat magna what ludia has essential down is slow player like they said in there initial post about boost “ allow players to have a trex be as fast a raptor”. Basically they can get rid of there dinos flaws and weaknesses by just paying them to change there stats

Oh trust me it is even in a one on one it get beaten by it cause before it used to be a gamble thanks to crit chance but now not anymore

A trex would sacrifice an insane amount of hp and damage boosts to be as fast as a velociraptor in the current system. Besides, this was only a good decision when the boosts first released. In the end boosts only matter If your opponent boosted so much more that you couldn’t catch up, otherwise, the counter will prevail.

Lol ya but now all those who purchased boost before now have th upper hand afte they got refunded

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Utasino always beat rinex, but that doesn’t mean utasino is better. If you look at the tier list and battle sim results, rinex beats more dinos than utasino. In the meta, that’s what matters, so rinex is better. But i admit that the difference is not much. Though If something is to be done, a buff to rinex is more reasonable than a nerf to utasino, since rinex is not that relevant anymore in this meta.

Well i won’t buy boosts for that price, I’d rather suffer losses. Nothing i can do about that :laughing:

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Honestly it can keep it’s stable bu I make one change instant charge has a 3 turn cool down and no delay

I think It needs the delay, and is fine as It is imo. But to each their own :slightly_smiling_face:

Wait so u do or ya don’t

But ya and any I’m working on the small croc but I’m no going to do a legendary since I have an idea

No problem, do what you like best with your creation :smiley:

I meant that i think instant charge should stay as It is.

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