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Unique Rework Poll

Now, which of these Uniques do you think needs a rework the most?

  • Stygidarx
  • Spinoconstrictor
  • Diloracheirus
  • Poukandactylus

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Only 4 hours left to cast your vote.

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I’m surprised the majority think Stigidarx and Poukandactylus are good creatures and need no changes.

No the majority simply thinks that constrictor is in a more desprate need of a rework

Not that they shouldn’t be buffed


Yeah at the moment stygi is pretty terrible, but can at least be somewhat useful. Spinocon is extremely bad because of its moveset being entirely cunning but with a fierce counter, making is lose to almost everything.

Just give spinocon an hp buff with On Escape rampage and voila! Spinocon fixed

I don’t think that would be it as I’ve seen many people say it needs more… including myself lol

Thats all it would.need to become top tier viable. It would.legit be a much better titanboa. Being able to lock creatures into place unless they had enough health remaining and putting more pressure on your opponent with bleed and distraction. A slight hp buff with OER would be the only thing it would.need to become end game .viable