Unique reworks

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these are the unique hybrids that I think need to be better with how hard some are to make (mostly Maxima Gemini Skoono Tryko) and others like Erlospyx not being reflective of what DNA they use and then the others are just kinda bad but tell me what you think are any too strong or weak or not fitting

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Ew, no lethal wound for Spyx. Losing Instant Distraction is a nerf.


For Spyx I thought he needed some bleed option because the way he is just a beefed up erlik gen 2

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Sure, but ID helps in a ton of matchups. Only way for LW for ID to not be a nerf would be if spyx got full slow immunity.

It’s difficult to give full slow immunity for something so fast. I don’t know where else to give Spyx Spyonyx representation

It has the bleed immunity and the hp of spinonyx

Lethal wound would help more matchups, but it’s better to make it instant distracting wound, a 50% distraction with .20 bleed over 3 turns


It had more hp before spinonyx got a hp buff

I’d rather Onyx not be represented at all than be given an inferior creature, to be honest.

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Instant distraction is more useful in actual practice

Not really. This is what allows spyx to regain priority. With tryko, it is 100% dead turn 2 while tryko lives. Same with maxima

image How does this one sound


That’s a much better kit

Agreed, that’s better.

Attack is down a bit but it’s overall damage would go up it gains bleed without loosing the important stuff it might be OP though

You could always lower the DoT. I think Medium (0.25x) or Minor (0.15x) Wounding Counter would be more appropriate.

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And if you really want to give it abilities from all its ingredients, you could throw swap-in Ferocity or something similar into the mix, but that isn’t really necessary.

It’ll help with more important than those specific matchups though, and ensures those creatures it would beat in mindgames die later (since anything would subject for a revenge kill with 1500 - 2/3 health)

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Swap in ferocity defeats the purpose of the revenge so that might not work

But it can make the difference. Lethal wound isn’t that great on spyx unless it cannot be slowed