Unique reworks

Not necessarily.

It would make Spyx more versatile but most people use Spyx for the revenge

Yeah, but having Swap-in Ferocity wouldn’t prevent its use as a revenge dino. You’d have to decide how you want to play it based on the scenario. Swap-in Ferocity could occasionally come in handy, but it’s not a very useful ability.

Maxima and Gemi are fine as they are. Spyx does not need lethal wound. I like how you did Skoona. Trykos speed bugs me a bit. Pouken is still trash (especially since it lost Group Instant distraction) and Antarctovenator seems to be a bit broken with a shattering counter (with ferocity it could deal 5400 damage in 1 turn with counter and rampage)

what about this

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Both wounding counter attackers


You forgot nemys hybrid of 3 epics

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In a vacuum that might seem like too much, but to get to that situation Antarctovenator has to leave itself open turn 1, and it doesn’t have a lot of HP, plus it’s very slow and has zero speed control, so I think it would still be underpowered. I think Instant Ferocity is just a bad move, maybe it would work better if it was faster and had a good turn-1 Distraction move.

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What do begin with?
Tryko:Don’t need a buff when you are already the strongest dino in the game.
Gemini:Same,top tier dino,no buff needed
Erliko:Same case,don’t need any buff.Even if lethal wound is really debatable ,i think instant distraction is better.

Now let see with those which aren’t the top tier:
Ardentis:Lol +200 dmg,+15% armor and 50% LOL no thank you,mistakes on 2.0 never again.
Skoonasaurus:You completly miss the goal of skoonasaurus,it just need to be good in pve.
Btw,vulnerability strike is worst than resilient strike actually.
Antarctovenator:Very debatable,i need a buff,but like that?,if anything the game need,a buff of this revenge instant ferocity which is just a worst ready to crush.
Poukandactylus:speed decrease resistance come from nowhere.It is a cunning,it mean to be slow.I agree it need a buff,but not of this kind.

Hmm I see your point, to get that damage it would have to take 2 fairly big hits.

I didn’t know how to make Smilo better

That’s so much better

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I changed the towers to try and differentiate them make Gemini a true tank Maxima a high damage tank and Skoona a stalling tank

They are actually already differentiated well, Skoona is raid focusd, Gem Arena, and Max both

They all should be viable in both

my version of skonorasaurus (skoona)

So,no longer distraction and shield and got tip the scales which is mediocre.
Tip the scale could be a good ability if it cleanse your team and negate the opponent while you play,after the opponent set up their shields,distract your team and bleed you.The priority turn this ability to a mediocre one.
Devastation bring maybe a bit more value for pvp but turn it into something useless in Pve.

my version of tip the scales: tip_the_scalesprioritytarget

Tip The Scales

Priority. Cooldown: 1.

Target: Team. Cleanse all negative effects. Increase damage by 50.0% for 1 turn.

Target: All Opponents. Nullify all positive effects. Reduce damage by 50.0% for 1 turn.