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Unique Scents

I’m curious if anyone else thinks it would be a good idea to have a weekly Strike event to earn Unique Scent to attract creatures???

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No that would destroy the arena.Low level players would have easy access to uniques.


Not weekly, but I feel like super special legendary and unique scents would be nice!
Also if it comes to all scents, besides having a guaranteed good creature on first spawn, they should have one at the very end

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No, probably should never be a thing, especially if its a weekly thing you could collect since it would ruin progression, the arena, and incentive to hunt and evolve creatures to get them. Only way I could see this being a thing if it was like the legendary scent ludia put in the shop for a large price, only this would be much much greater since it would be a step above it all, but I still say no


I’m on the fence with this. Mostly because there are already plenty of game features that are locked to player progression: boosts, tournaments, multi-fusion, sanctuary creatures.

For example, new players start earning boosts day one but can’t use until level 10. Just link scents above Epic to wherever players start collecting legendary and unique creatures on average (whatever that may be). Ludia keeps detailed analytics and knows the progression trends better than any player so it’s possible.

As long as they didn’t spam the same scent in the shop for weeks at a time so players can’t build a huge stockpile and set really low spawn odds outside of the first spawn, I doubt it would shake up the progression loop too much. At least not any more than they do by occasionally throwing legendary and unique creatures in weekly events.

But I’m definitely against it if the whole thing turned into a free-for-all.

On a side note, I really wish they’d update existing scents to include newer creatures in them like putting Dakotaraptor in the raptor scent or Antarctopelta in the anky scent.


Me too, also wish they’d update some incubators and events, like maybe including some of the geo-locked dinos in the geographic incubators

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We already have championships… Hence, there is no need of Unique scents…

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Well I like this idea @Dankert_Arnesen