Unique snake hybrid idea

So, this is my hybrid idea, kinda hope you guys will create this. It’s a mix between level 20 Dilophoboa and level 20 Carbonemys. I think it would be a great idea with some dark color patterns and armor plating across the snakes body and it’s face kinda like Dunkleosteus. Thanks for reading

Level 26
3800 health
1200 attack
116 speed
50% armor
5% critical
Decelerating vulnerability
Precise rampage
Immune to bleed
Immune to distraction

I think this is good, but why not something like Peltephilus, a similar armoured creature that looks like an armadillo. Its body armour is already segmented, plus, Carbonemys is getting kind of overridden with two hybrids already, and any extra hybrid ideas, and believe me, there are like a hundred Carbonemys hybrid ideas.

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Yeah we need another impossible to create unique snake, nice idea

I guess that’s true. But they have really easy tournaments, plus, I once found an epic Titanoboa in my 150 metre radius just sitting around on my couch, so it isn’t too hard. And also, they could add a Gigantophis and Gigantophis gen 2, which should be rare and epic.

So ure saying that its not that hard to farm boa dna bcuz uve found one, 1 month ago and there was ONe tournament in which we could win some boa dna? xdd and there are still so many dino models that still have no unique, I dont think we need another snake right now

You can easily get the dna from sanctuaries and honestly not hard to make considering I got my unique spinoconstrictor in a week and a half and leveled it to 22 in two days. So, not impossible just have to put in a little effort instead of expecting Ludia to hand you everything. Uniques aren’t meant to be easy to make

Well Im farming boas dna since the 1st time Ive got to catch it. Im 120/250 atm. Theyre not suppsoed to be easy but are not suppsoed to be nearly impossible as well. And there are still unqiues that require another EXCLUSIVE dna like mammoth in this patch, so well:-)

Mammoth has gotten just as many hybrids/uniques and it’s a whole lot easier to get the dna if you are in a good alliance that gets to 20 sanctuaries. And whenever it comes out in events just dart it, play the incubators, do the tournaments that are free to get in, etc. Again, not impossible, just not easy unless you are in a decent alliance, decent at the darting, and so on. Because honestly someone new to the game shouldn’t be having epics on their team instantly like I’ve seen, and definitely shouldn’t be having it easier unlocking extremely strong creatures. They should work as hard as everyone else to get to the point maxed level players who took the time and effort to get where they are. And that’s exactly why Ludia made it harder for people to unlock some of them. It’s why also several are exclusive because they are extremely strong if used correctly. But, wish you luck

Well Im level 20 and until the new patch I had every creature but unique snake. Never been in an alliance with 20lvl sanctuary, not that easy to find one so

Try Jurassic world alive alliances on Facebook it’s a group made for finding alliances. All you have to do is request to join the group, answer the questions, and make a post about looking for an alliance with your specifications and people will offer you to join. I made a post about looking for an alliance that was active, coordinationed, 10/9 or 10/10 alliance rewards and has at least 2 20 sanctuaries a while back. Once it was approved I talked with several alliances and settled on Velocirapturds since it had the best suited for what I wanted in an alliance and they made me feel welcome. So, give it a try