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Unique sounds for all creatures

This may seem like a small gripe compared to more serious issues like balancing but I’m a little tired of dinosaurs using a certain other dinosaur’s base type and sound effects. I don’t care so much for the animations but the lack of sound effects is a bit disappointing, and possibly even lazy. Some dinos which have appeared in the movies with their own unique sound effects instead use other dino sound effects, such as the Dilophosaurus using the Velociraptor sounds, even though it has a ton of sounds that can be used for it made by universal and it appeared in the first Jurassic Park, along with a brief cameo as a hologram in the first Jurassic World.

and for some of the other dinosaurs that don’t appear in movies, I’m sure your sound team at Ludia could get really creative with them if you guys actually tried. But yes please consider this suggestion for a future update.

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Someone has mentioned this before, and someone mentioned that they leave additional sound effects out to reduce the app’s size. That being said, I’d love to see more unique animations.