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Unique spinosaur hybrid concept for game

I don’t know why 3 years on there is still no unique spinosaur hybrid. Us spinosaur fans need a champion to hold the torch for us fighting in the big leagues. Right now spinosaurs rely on bleed and swap prevention, but most top level dinos are Immune to both or can cleanse the DoT. Without this the spinos have weak damage and average or low health . It always saddens me when I see a spino brother fall on the battlefield after being totally countered by everything :frowning:

This is my concept: It should be balanced to be as strong as erlikospyx, maybe slightly weaker, but it should be able to hang with the best a lot better than other spinosaurs. It’s sort of like a slightly different take on the erlikospx with less damage and speed but slightly higher crit and a new special ability, but also less resistances . Also, I think this would look really cool and terrifying in game.

This is my concept. Of course things can be slightly changed but I think this is powerful yet balanced compared to other uniques.

Would love to hear what you think!


You can use JWA Toolbox to create your own creature concepts.

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There already is an Erliko x Spinonyx super-hybrid and Deinocherius is absolutely redundant as it’s a similar creature.

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I made a unique spinosaur the other day bc i was bored and I think its a good concept


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Yeh I know but I wanted to add some different moves and abilities. I think new creatures should have something different about them

True but this is using g the epic erlikosaurus to make a slightly different but similar creature.

I do like the sharp claws ability. I’ve always felt their shud be a need to have an ability to reduce dot resistance or immunity. But then again that can severely mess with raids so I don’t see how they would implement it. Love it tho <3

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