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Unique stegosaurus hybrid

Okay I’m first gonna add it’s legendary parent and then it’s finally unqiue form and please have patience I have to draw these by hand. Anyway here we go first up

Edit: I decided to make it slower than it unique counter part as well as make it have more armor

Health: 4,050
Attack: 1,250
Speed: 109
Armor: 40%
Immune to DoT


Superiority strike: deal 1x damage, cleanse distraction, reduce opponents speed by 50% for one turn

Thagomizer (reworked): deal 1.5x damage. Reduce opponents speed by 50% for three turns, DoT .15 for two turns. cool down 3

Rampage: deal 2x damage. Cool down 1

Instant Distraction: priority. Reduce opponents damage by 90% for one turn. Cool down 1

Having a a thick boney shell means Kentranemys had almost nothing to fear except for big carnivores such as tyrannosaurus. But the shell comes at a price of not having good range with its thagomizer to hit more then halfway around it’s back side which is why scientists have observed that this hybrid prefers to be in herd with either ankylosaurs or stegosaurus for mutual protection.
Medium-counter attack deal .5 time damage after receiving and surviving a physical hit

Now it’s time for the main show.


Health: 4,600
Attack: 1,100
Speed: 113
Armor: 35%
Immune to DoT and Distraction


Superiority strike: deal 1x damage. Cleanse Distraction. Reduce opponents speed by 50%

Thagomizing Rampage: deal 2x damage. Reduce targets speed by 50% for three turns. DoT.25 for two turns. Cool down 3

Distracting Rampage: deal 2x damage. Reduce opponents attack by 50% for two turns cool down 2

Short Defense: deal 1x damage. Gain 50% shield for two turns cool down 2

Precise counter attack: deal .5x damage by pass cloak and evasive abilities, after surviving and receiving a physical hit.

Swap-in slow: reduce opponents speed by 50% for two turns after swapping in. Can’t swap for one turn

Unlike it parents Kentrodon is a swift and powerful Dino able to precisely hit its opponent even during the heat of battle and weighting in at 10 tons, having an outer hard scaly shell and having 4 ft thsgomizers any carnivor that wants this thing for dinner had better be desperate and ready for a fight


I like it. Possibly a bit much damage for a legendary tank, but i’ll have go and compare it to what we have now. Can’t wait to see the unique hybrid.


Honestly we don’t have many unique herbivores. Only ones we currently have are Ardentismaxima, gemininitian (yes Ik it’s a carnivore but it’s still a sauropod), touramoloch, utarinex And Tenontorex. We need a unique ceratopsian, stegosaurid, ankylosaurid, ornithopod, raptor, spinosaurid and so much more…


All the hint I’m gonna give as a hint is that it’s gonna have a sail

Ya honestly and even the ones we’d o have have been nerfed or aren’t that strong so I’m out on a mission to add every class that doesn’t have a unique and I made ankylosaurs before this and now it’s stegos time to shine

It’s done and ready for show

OOOOOOH. Like the unique’s abilities. Tho I’m not sure why it went down to three.

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What you mean down to three?

Like moves?

yeah. i meant moves. Granted, i may not need a 4th anyway.

why does the unique only have 3 moves?:face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking::face_with_monocle:

Um I sure it does have four

Ah okay I got it I forgot to add it in the typed version :grimacing: :joy:

aahhh that’s better. but in my opinion long protection would have been better… or would that have made it OP?

I think it would since it has two distractions plus Long protection is a ankylosaurs move

oh… i never thought about that… lol

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Ya it’s kinda is anyway but it’s really although in one exception but that was also mixed with carno so but it’s never used on a stego

Lol nah it does it’s fixed

Lol now I’m gonna add just like that fun fact thing they use for the description

Omg they look amazing! The unique has such a fierce look, i love It. The kits are very fitting and along with the stats I think they are very balanced and strong.

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