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Unique week?

We have had a week with epics and now legendarys, so could we see a week with uniques?


Its still possible but i don’t want they give us 3-5 attempt on unique it would be a mess on lower arena


They’d probably only give us 1 chance, maybe 2 on the Unique days, if we do end up getting a Unique Week


If we do I hope that it’s 1 attempt and would make it like the legendary rush.

Ex. Tuesday: Erlidominus, magnaprytator, spinoconstrictor Attempts:1

Yeah I said to myself exactly the same thing

I agree with everyone an attempt is more than correct 2 would be too much 1 it’s perfect and I think it will be like the legendary week but with one day less

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I think that would be a good Idea. As attempts go it should be worse as the Lengendary rush.

Lower arena’s aren’t likely to dart well enough to unlock even with 2 drones.

If they did it would have to be done carefully only 1 attempt per choice of 3

All about this. Let’s give everyone a chance to level up and dunk back on Apexs.

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Yeah. It was called St. Patty’s day 2019 lol


Would be nice. The first one i would see then is hoopfully indoraptor, and more i dont know yet…

First legendary now unique? What’s next? Apex?

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Would be nice