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Unique wyvern gameplay (funny fan made video)


Hello guys, I recently made a gameplay where I put a lvl 23 modelized wyvern into my team and I wanted to share it with you ahah

Hope you like it if you watch it

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Wow, that’s awesome - that looks like it would definitely be an Apex flyer! It’s really a shame that Wyverns weren’t around in the Jurassic period, otherwise Dr. Wu might have had his hands full trying to splice its DNA…


ahah thanks so much for your comment it’s awesome :slight_smile: Much appreciated :slight_smile:



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That was so much fun to watch @Dadju!!
Thank you for taking the time to create this video and share it with us!


thanks a lot @LadyHadden for your comment it means a lot

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That was really good! Wouldn’t mind creatures from different eras/mythical creatures in this game :smiley:

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thanks a lot man :slight_smile:


Cool dragon! Really enjoyed your video! Get a job with Ludia!

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ahah thanks you so much I would LOVE to work into the Ludia team If I could ahah