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Uniques formulas vs super hybrid formulas

I’m looking for clarification regarding this:

Will lines such as the Stegodeus, Nodotitan, Gigaspike be eligible to receive a Unique? Or are they some type of “super hybrids” but follow a different formula from Thyla and Sarco.

I’m asking because their lines are unusual compared to regular unique formulas which usually require a hybrid and 200 dna from an epic.

Thank you in advance for the clarification.

no superhybrid can have a hybrid, meaning only normal hybrids and classics can have hybrids. Thyla can not have a hybrid either.

Correct. I know that Thyla and Sarco WON’T EVER get a unique because they are superhybrids.

But I’m asking specifically as to legendaries such as those mentioned above who do NOT follow the usual unique formula.

Is that the end of the line for them or are they still eligible for a possible unique line also?

It is the end for them. They might be superhybrids but cuz they are only legendaries, you dont need as much dna to fuse. Nonetheless they are still harder to fuse than other legendaries such as tryo which is super hard to fuse for me; just not as hard as uniques. This is the line of what is easiest to hardest.

Rare Hybrids
Epic Superhybrids/Legendaries
Legendary Superhybrids
Uniques Superhyrids


THANKS! I’m going to screenshot this.