Uniques good or bad I’m gonna use em

Yeah everyone hates Tuora and magna but I worked hard to get them so I’ll keep using them lol. Monomimus also has a special place in my heart won me lots of battles

Although Dilora is 240/250 which will probably replace magna


Heck yes! People forget this game is supposed to be fun! Magna will get buffed eventually.

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It aint fun playing bad dinos when you lose more matches with them than with some other better dinos.

Don’t have Magna so i cannot judge it…But i unlocked Tuora two days ago thanks to the event and gave it a try switching in my team for monostego…it’s a good dino, cool and versatile. Yes, maybe is not one of the best uniques but it’s a game and you have to play with what you like and what gives you satisfaction.
Cheers from another Tuora lover😎

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Its great for bleeders with the hit n run

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why does everybody say he’s so bad? I’ve gone against him a handful of times and he did more than tickle my Dino’s.

Maybe because the first Tuoramoloch released in game was EXTREMELY good with 1.4k base damage and greater stunning rampage…
In the latest patches it got his damage nerfed and rampage became impact…in comparison of previous patch is bad (Ludia please a little damage buff, or return to rampage), but it’s absolutely not a bad dino…

Welcome to the Touramoloch club. She is a great dinosaur.

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