Uniques in 1.14: What needs to change?

Here is MY OPINION of what uniques need a buff in the next patch, which need a nerf and which I think are balanced.
This is my opinion, which means it is ok to disagree with.
Balanced (Need no Change): Diorajasaur, Erlidominus, Grypolyth, Indoraptor, Magnapyritor, Trykosaurus.

Decent(Need a Slight Buff): Diloracheirus, Erlikospyx, Pterovexus, Smilonemys, Stygidaryx, Tenontorex, Testacornibus, Thoradolosaur, Utarinex.

Bad (Need a Big Buff or a Rework): Monolorhino, Spinoconstrictor, Tuoramoloch.

Too Good (Need a Small Nerf): Ardentismaxima, Mammolania.

OP (Needs a Big Nerf): Geminititan

Let me know what you think! I may do legendaries later if this gets popular.

Maxima is fine. Mammolania needs to get a bit of a mixup and be different than mammotherium

I think maxima just needs a damage nerf. It demolishes the 3 unique chompers bc if it’s damage and immunity. Immunity is fine, but it is an anti-tank tank, which are the worst dinos to fight against right now (Gemini, Ardent, Mammolania, Entelomoth even). I agree that Mammolania should get at least one move different from Mammotherium. And a damage nerf. Turtles damage is super low. I think superior vulnerability instead of bellow. Idk

Lania is technically better than gemini it needs a big nerf too, not just gemini imo

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Agreed with everything else except the maxima nerf, it’s no longer top tier or “OP” so it should stay the same.


I mostly agree, but I don’t think Gemini needs to be nerfed to the ground, nerfed decently I would say, lose the precise impact for the regular shield advantage Diplo has, maybe change rampage for impact, but that might be too much

Mammolania is the one that needs to be “destroyed”, maybe not get the Monomimus treatment, but it needs a huge nerf, from damage to losing distraction immunity to losing precise on its rampage

Tuoramoloch needs instant stunning strike

Spinoconstrictor needs a huge damage buff, other than that it’s okay

Dilorach needs a huge buff, needs more health, immune to deceleration, change distracting strike for dist. impact and then to balance it give it impact and run instead of another rampage

Monolorhino and stygi need to be changed completely, now they are pretty much useless across all levels, stigi needs to lose lethal swoop and gain lethal wound so that it can stock-up dot… I don’t know what to do with rhino, it could use a dist. rampage for starters, damage buff as well

Utarinex should get a swap-in stunning strike and some immunity as well, it could use immune to distraction I guess

Pterovexus could use a damage buff, maybe add a rampage and speed it up a little bit

The rest is fine I guess

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Lania is NOT better than gemini. A SET UP Lania is a bit better, but I would say moth is better in general with gemini as number 1

I would say maxima is still top tier, but it’s a balanced top tier

A creature with a basic move that does 1.5x attack in its basic move, and then an unblockable 3x damage after that is somehow not better than gemini? what? Yeah sure gemini has an unblockable impact too but at least it can’t increase its damage every turn, and unlike lania cannot speedup or be setup fodder. But sure gemini is better if you say so.


Only things that really need nerfs are Gem, Moth and Mammolania; the 3 high tyrants, and minimal ones. Just enough to keep them top tier, but not overpowered. Everything else is either balanced or needs a buff.


But gemini is immune and has no 100% counters. Mammolania has a 100% counter and many other counters that it can’t beat without luck, like gorgosuchus.

Entelomoth isn’t a unique but it deserves a mention in the “Needs a Big Nerf” section


Well, hardly anyone is using Gorgosuchus in the higher arenas… and I won’t put it on my team just in case a stranded Lania appears

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I will for sure mention that if I do one for the legendaries

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But moth will be used when mammoth comes back, and that IS a 100% counter to lania. Gemini does lose to creatures like grypo and tryko, but gemini can still win

Trust me, Mammolania is even worse than Gemini. Both are overpowered and I don’t care that they are exclusive. I want a balanced arena, not arena ruled by exclusives

Spinoconstrictor bad? He is enough good, the proble is only DoT immunity and low damage.

Ps: He can kill proceratomimus.