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Uniques in rare incubator?


Got 20 unique DNA from today’s rare strike tower, not much, but I’m not going to complain. :grin:

Unique DNA in the Rare Strike
Unique DNA in a Rare Incubator?

Where can I get this! That’s one lucky thing!


Whoa, that’s awesome! I guess you’ve truly gotten into the Irish spirit! :slight_smile:


As the title says, I got some Unique DNA from the Rare Strike Tower today. The crazy thing is, I got 6 DNA for Thor, and 10 for Indoraptor!!

I got 1 DNA for Indoraptor out of the Epic Strike Tower during the Halloween Event, and my friend said he looked it up, and that it was the only amount of Unique DNA I could have possibly gotten!! And now I not only get MORE than that, I got more than 1 for two separate Uniques!!

I was curious if anyone else got any Unique DNA, and if so, how much? I wish I had proof, but I was so dumbstruck that I didn’t think to take screenshots…


Ppl posted it already

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How have I not seen this yet?


I got 2 for Thor and 18 Indoraptor


I got 9 indo and 10 Thor


Got 7 dioraja and 13 tryko from mine


I got none and none :joy:

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Have never seen this before - cool!


Never saw this or got one


So this happened…image image
I’m not sure how often this occurs lol :open_mouth:


Boi how u do dis


Yoooo! That happened to me this morning! I got 2 DNA for Erlidominus and 14 for Trykosaurus x33333

I was soooooo psyched! This event must like me <3


My hubby got unique out of that inc too. Nice surprise!


And i am here getting the bare minnimum on offer


In the second rare inc; I received 7 Erlidominus and 11 Dioraja DNA. Rather had it the other way around, cuz now Erlidom is at 87/100 and this is my new curse now. :joy:


Just try really hard to dart something ending with a 3 on Sunday :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: