Uniques mean nothing anymore

Anyone else feel that stat boosts have rendered uniques almost a waste of time now? Countless times recently (mainly since the start of the new “improved” tournement) my team of mainly uniques has been beaten by teams of overpowered stat boosted epics, rares and annoyingly commons. Just good to know if other people are in the same boat :rofl::rofl:


Not to those with boosted uniques


Boosted Thor’s are the reason most hybirds are irrelevant right now more specifically


Uniques were always too expensive to me so I haven’t made one yet

The thing really needs a REAL nerf, not just crit multiplier changes

Im ashamed to say i run a semi-super boosted thor as well. It would be even higher if i wanted, but i chose to spread my boosts evenly among my team and not spend a dime for them. Its 127 speed right now, so its somewhat due for a speed boost because most thors are at 135 now

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I still say take it’s Shattering Rampage away and give it AP Rampage instead

Or just give it a big HP nerf so it’s a glass cannon

It’s gotten way out of control the longer these boosts are in the game


Im happy to see more commons, epics etc gives a bit of variety. Currently my time consists of 3 uniques, 2 legends, 2 epics and 1 rare.

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Best counter for Thor is to cry.

With enough tears it drowns


I fully agree with the op .
I’ve said as much no end of times and the responses vary from those who suggest that uniques aren’t the be all and end all , so it doesn’t matter , to change the way you play and don’t expect a unique to be better than the rat .
It certainly should be better to have a team of hard go get uniques than to have easy to obtain epics and legendaries beating the uniques , but the boosts have created this mess . So I guess we just adapt or give up . Wha I do know is I won’t be spending money on adapting by buying the boosts !


Really? A Glass canon? You are a fuuny person.

Let me ask you a question, if a person is diagnosed with a disease, what will you do?
Cure the disease or kill the person?

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Heres what i think

-Make its attack 1450 or 1500.

-give it 20% or 30% crit chance

-swap out thor’s instant charge with greater stunning strike or impact (sino has impact, so i dont see why thor shouldnt have it. Plus it gets rid of its priority)

-give it armor piercing rampage


Just gonna put this here…

Depends on what is the greater good

Ask Europe about the Black Plague

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I totally understand your example. But in this case the disease is entirely curable. So why kill the person?

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Multiple “treatment options” are lethal to us even more are incredibly harmful.

Point blank psych meds hurt thier users body horribly.

Aids \ HIV meds do to.

Meth is bad … Universal bad but it’s given to kids for add and bipolar…

Then it will be useless, worse than the parent. This kind of nerf only benefits the ones who want thor out of the arena for good. I’m of the opinion that boosts are the problem not the dino. I haven’t seen one single soul complain about Thor before boosts came up. Without instant charge thor is just a weaker faster rex, stunning impact or strike will do it no good, because it is originally slow compared to the rest of the dinos. With that said, I’ve always thought that those last buffs on it’s damage were just unnecessary and uncalled for. Thor never needed more than the original 1640 damage, crit nerf or not, boosts or not. What I’m getting at is that if we ask for nerfs taking boosts into consideration, we’ll end up with a lot of crappy uniques once it evens out. And I don’t think a dino should be nerfed just because some people hate it(not saying that you do, I don’t know that after all).


You must be new here then. The complaints have increased by at least 10x since boosts but have always been here.
Thor was an unnecessary dino though, in my opinion. Its just a faster, weaker t-rex with instant charge. We didn’t need that. They could’ve done that with t-rex and gave the JP icon what it deserves instead of being ignored by most. Thor is just a t-rex rip off.


If you don’t wanna spend the time making uniques and boosting then of course you’ll dislike. Boosts are optional on any dino so keep up with competition or adjust to other dinos as your progress. Boosts in a way killed game play but looks like they are here to stay along with uniques.lol

I keep getting internal error message when posting! Driving me bonkers.

DinoLord out!!

I have been here since 1.3 or 1.4 I think, so I might have just missed those complaints. I love Rex too(she’ll always be the bite force Queen), but Thor being an unnecessary dino is as you said, your opinion. Should dinos really be nerfed to the ground because some people hate them? I liked thor since it came out, and don’t want a harsh nerf, though some damage nerf wouldn’t bother me since it already has more than enough of it. Even if people complained about it before, I never had a problem with it in the arena before boosts, and my own thor was not much of a game changer, even though it hit hard. The overboosting make it hard, but thor is not without it’s counters.

Whenever I see a 135 speed Thor I roll my eyes all the way back. But I know it isn’t Thor’s fault but the people who suck at making the meta balanced. Boost ruined the game and they are going to nerf the dinos again instead of trying make the meta more balanced