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Uniques Missing by Animation Category

I thought this would be an interesting way to speculate what Uniques we could be getting next. I looked through all the creatures in the game and broke them apart based on their body style and animations. Below are the categories and subset uniques within the category.

I’ve noted which of the categories have Legendaries with a * and then listed those legendaries if there is a unique currently missing from the category. The bolded categories have uniques.

  1. Amphibian*
    a. Diplovenator
    b. Skoolasurus

  2. Ankylosaur*
    a. Ankytrosaurus
    c. Tragodistis

  3. Cats * *
    a. Smilonemys

  4. Ceratopsians*
    a. Monostegotops

  5. Deer
    a. Testacornibus

  6. Dimetrodon/Sphenacodontidae * *
    a. Magnapyritor

  7. Eagle - NONE

  8. Hadrosaur * *
    a. Tenontorex
    b. Tuoramoloch

  9. Large Crocodilian
    a. Grypolyth

  10. Large Pachycephalosauridae
    a. Dracoceratosaurus

  11. Large Permian - NONE

  12. Large Pterosaur * *
    a. Stygidaryx

  13. Large Sauropod * *
    a. Ardentismaxima

  14. Large Therapod * *
    a. Thoradolosaur
    b. Trykosaurus

  15. Long-Legged Quadruped * *
    a. Indoraptor

  16. Mammoth - NONE

  17. Medium Permian*
    a. Edaphocevia

  18. Medium Pterosaur*
    a. Petraquetzal

  19. Medium Sauropod * *
    a. Geminititan

  20. Medium Therapod * *
    a. Diorajasaur

  21. Ornithomimid*
    a. Monomimus

  22. Pig*
    a. Entelomoth
    b. Kartoporcus

  23. Raptor*
    a. Alloraptor
    b. Pyrritator
    c. Utasinoraptor

  24. Rhino * *
    a. Mammolania
    b. Monolorhino

  25. Small Crocadilian*
    a. Megalosuchus

  26. Small Pachycephalosauridae * *
    a. Utarinex

  27. Small Pterosaur
    a. Pterovexus

  28. Small Spinosauradae*
    a. Tryostronix

  29. Small Therapod * *
    a. Quetzorion

  30. Snake * *
    a. Spinoconstrictor

  31. Spinosauradae (Large)*
    a. Spinonyx
    b. Spinotasuchus

  32. Stegosaur*
    a. Carnotarkus
    b. Dsungaia
    c. Stegodeus

  33. Terror Bird*
    a. Grylenken
    b. Phorusaura

  34. Therozinosaur
    a. Diloracheirus
    b. Erlidominus
    c. Erlikospyx

  35. Turtle*
    a. Carbotoceratops

** = There are unique and legendary creatures within this category.


@Cheeseeater’s new bleeder could be a good candidate for a large spinosauradae

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bro stegodeus is a stegosauridae, not an ankylosauridae… and spyx is actually also a raptor cuz of its pounce animation

And small/large cats have same animations…

You think so?

Any speculation of what we’ll get next other than picking apart what is listed? :slight_smile:

I’ll gladly combine all the kitties.

Yeah, it’s pretty cool and i imagine that It would have that same animation as the large spinosauradae

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hahaha ok just a question, why did you divided small/big cats?

However I really would like to have a mammoG2 who creates a unique super mammoth!

The Rending Takedown was what I was basing their moves off of as different, but I realize now that the Rending Takedown and Rampage and Run are the same animations. My bad.

no problem

One thing I will say this list shows, is that we’re good on Therizinosaur uniques for sure!

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Thanks. Usually I’m the weird person

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