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Uniques that you would create but won’t or cannot use?


My list:

  • Tuoramoloch: She needs some buffing
  • Utarinex: I won’t have enough Dracorex dna to level her up even though I would love to have her on my team!
  • Magnapyritar: Same issue as Utarinex, won’t have enough Irritator dna to level if I do manage to create her
  • Diorajasaur: Same issue with Magna and Utarinex, Ankylosaurus dna is scarce so she will stay 21

I will make magna because I always get small clusters of irritators from A8. But first I must hunt enough dimetrodons!


It’s been an arduous journey trying to level Dimetrodon to 20, she’s still stuck at level 15 since I’ve been using her dna for Postimetrodon

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Mine is at … 17? Lol Fortunately I do find it as often as nodos when I go out, so it doesn’t take toooooooooooo long to get them.

But yeah, I need to get my tryo to 22 first.

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I got my Tryo to 24 at the expense of Dimetrodon since I’ve never once seen Postimetrodon in the wild :sob:

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I used to see him everyday same spot at the air port during 1.2

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Will give you my list once my friends list is done beating me up :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Better to be beaten by friends than them arena opponents, no loss of trophies at least! :laughing:


just created dioj. cool tip, visit a car repair/body shop in a L4 zone and pop an epic scent for anky. hopefully you get a free one from the strikes.

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roflcopters 1010

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I decided to invest the irritator dna on pyrritator, you need to overled magna to be good xd and pyrritator speed and dmg counter well his hybrid and indoraptor


Magna is a raptor, so should be used like one.


do you have a magna? what level is he good at?


The two uniques that I don’t really prioritize are, Indoraptor cause Trex hardly spawns for me so it’ll be hard to level up my newly created Indominus Rex to level 20. And The Paramoloch unique, (I can’t spell it sorry), simply cause I can’t find the purple Stegosaurus needed for it. The uniques I’m prioritizing are, Magna, I absolutely love it’s design and DioRaja, it looks cool.


I dont have him but could have if i didnt wasteall the dna leveling to near 23 the pyrritator.
But i faced him a lot and only give me some problem at 25+ who rarely some1 have at that lvl


I will make dioraja eventually, but since I have not enough tuos I’m going to make raja 25 first.


do you have tryko yet? going to need alot of that anky dna for him. thats strange, i see alot of tuos where im at. @Sprectomegakai


Sigh… so, I did just that and 2 more epic scents later, stil no Ankylosaurus. I wonder did they change the spawn time to dusk/dawn/night or something.

I’ve used 5 epic scents in Zone 4 today already :frowning:


hmm worked for me today. got 2 rex and 2 anky off of it a good L4? the spot i go too always spawns a spino


sorry for the badluck😑