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Uniques: what the endgame Could look like

So i was thinking what if the entire endgame was all uniques like the game was designed to be, what if every unique was in tyrant. And so here it is but a few things i kept as rules when, making this.

1.) this is not official it’s not even a dream of mine it just making a hypothetical of list of what could have been or what it could be.

2.) rarity isn’t specific taken into account, by rarity i mean how hard it is to farm no the actual color rarity that does factor in.

3.) this list doesn’t account there current kits and stats

Anyway lets get into it

HIGH TYRANT - must have two or three epic ingredients; 70-80% win rate

  • Trykosaurus - epic+epic+ epic
  • Smilonemys - epic+epic+epic
  • Testacornibus - rare+epic+epic
  • Erlidominus - common+epic+epic
  • Diorajasaur - rare+epic+epic
  • Ardentismaxima - rare+epic+epic
  • Pterovexus - common+epic+ epic

MID-TYRANT - must at least one rare creature in its ingredients; 70-60% win rate

  • Diloracheirus - common+rare+epic
  • Erlikospxs - rare+rare+epic
  • Geminititan - rare+rare+epic
  • Magnapyritor - rare+rare+epic
  • Mammolania - rare+rare+epic
  • Quetzorion - common+rare+epic
  • Spinoconstrictor - common+rare+epic
  • Tenatorex - common+rare+epic
  • Tuoramoloch - common+rare-epic
  • Utarinex - rare+rare+epic

LOW-TYRANT - have only common ingredients; 50-40% win rate

  • Gyrypolth - common+ common+epic
  • Thoradolosaur - common+common+epic
  • Monolorhino - common+common+epic
  • Indoraptor -common+common+epic
  • Stygidaryx - common+common+epic

Explaining each tier:

High tyrant - these are the best dinos in the game and most costly to create. They will usually come out on top in most 1v1 situations. These are usually reserved for very late game.

Mid-tyrant - these are good dinos, a bit easier to create than there high counter parts. Still don’t underestimate them for they are still formidable force to be reckoned with and like the highs will still win most 1v1 match ups.

Low-tyrant - these are the easiest to make and unlock. This comes at a cost though cause while they are still better than most super hybrids they usually fall just short compared to their mid and high brethren still they can hold there own against pretty much anything even if its just setting up a revenge kill.

Questions your probably gonna ask:

  • does this mean lower tiers can’t counter higher tiers?

A. No, even the highs and mods can be countered by lower tier creatures no matter what rarity. The tiers just show the win percentage against all of the creatures in the game.

  • Does this mean only the high tyrants are usable endgame?

A. Absolutely not this just again shows how well they do against all creatures but that doesn’t mean they can fill every role, customize for efficiency, or just choose creatures that you like or you think are cool.

  • What if there exclusive shouldn’t they be better than the rest?

A. The problem is that ludia is always change how exclusive stuff is plus just cause its exclusive doesn’t mean its good. For example in 1.6 ankylosaurus was a park exclusive means it was very hard to come by. Yet by 1.7 it had changed to a incubator exclusive/event exclusive Dino. Then it took till 1.12 for it to spawn in the wild again. Another example is lythoraax and purrasuars who while both are now park spawns were once wild spwans that plagued everyone everywhere yet they are trash lol.

There is also no constant power level for exclusive creatures for example both blue, titanaboa, diploducus, mamamoth and allo gen2 are event exclusive yet there is big power gap between dippy, Manny and allo, and blue and titanoboa.

For example Arctops , dsungaripterus, and Naustoceratops are rare event exclusives and yet they pale in comparison most of the time to regular incubator exclusives like proceratosaurus, irratator, or even regular rares like meolania, marsupial lion, entelodon, or wuehosaurus.

@Bart_H has pointed out in articles: just cause it exclusive doesn’t mean it’s the best choice. I mean take a looks at testa vs nemys. Testa has way more exclusives dna compared to nemys but nemys just has the better stats and kit and overall better place in the meta.

Yet i didn’t also want to make it seem like its the exact same getting 200 diplodocus compared to 200 trex or 200 turtle so basically there are some like Geminititan, magna, and olania that are just on the edge of high tyrant but not there yet.

So anyways ya this is just my little list and idea feel free to comment

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It is healthy for legendaries and maybe even some epics to be endgame viable.

Not only does it provide greater dino variety, but also serves as a bridge for players making the leap between rarities. If someone in a lower arena with mostly epics and rares started fighting legendaries and couldn’t manage to take them down or match them in power reliably, they wouldn’t be motivated to keep fighting without one. Same with uniques. Not to mention that its generally more beneficial for free to play players to have a couple of reliable creatures from an inferior rarity they know they can carry to the endgame and not be forced to be strained on boosts and resources.


These all require exclusive dna. These should be on par with those above

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Again guys read the question above

Again answered in questions above.

Basically use what ever you want

I did, and do you know how long it takes to get enough Irritator to get magna up a level. It took over 4000 Irritator DNA to get magna from 27 to 28. Then you have gemini, with TWO exclusives. Kollabourgania requires 200 of a rare exclusive while gemini requires 200 of an epic exclusive. It takes a while.A rare exclusive is on par with an epic, especiallyif it goes into a legendary hybrid for a unique

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OK, but that really didn’t. He’s asking if epics and legendaries can counter uniques. I agree that they should be able to, because you eventually hit a point where, according to this system, you hit a wall where you have legendaries and your opponents have uniques, and you just fall back. This is why I never really liked JWTG, as there are creatures that are strictly better in every way, which is why I love this game as an epic or rare can go toe to toe with a unique or legendary

True but then like you said exclusive stuff is better then why should a unique that takes so much work be beaten by a lower rarity easier to make creature. That just given no inscentive to grind since its not worth it.

Sure magna loses to ornithomimus, but are you really gonna choose ornith over mags??

Hmm tuff question :rofl: :joy:, nah but for real ya i see ya point.

Literally today, I dropped my spyx for Sarcorixis, and I did that to change stuff up a bit and because it fits my team. I want to use it because its something different, and if this system were implemented, then it removes a large aspect of the game. It’s OK if a rare counters a unique or legendary.

True but even then koola for being an exclusive isn’t that good an like i pointed out exclusive things don’t stay exclusive forever i mean look at woolly rhino. No one saw it for months and then bam it was available in events then it was put in the wild same thing will happen with other exclusives.

But usually after that, it stays exclusive or not exclusive, and Ludia can adjust the creature

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This idea could work if exclusives didnt exist.


Nope i mean look at rhino even before it was wild it was very bad same thing with the snakes.

Others that became exclusive never got better like anky, lnythor, purra, tenato, ourano, or stygi

anky, ourano, and tenonto aren’t exclusives

No but they were, thats what I’m saying and nothing was done to the creatures to compisate. Also tenato is park exclusive, and ourano is zone exclusive

Anky was exclusive for almost 6 patches and no changes were ever made to it nor its hybrids.

That’s not what I’m talking about with exclusive. I mean arena and event exclusive. Creatures like scolosaurus, arctops, Irritator, pachy, and mammoth. I can go out and scent for a bajadasaurus whenever I want, and get a lot if I actually try to get some. I cannot go and scent for Mammoth whenever I want. This is why mammolania and gemini should move up, because they have these exclusives that I cannot go out and get at any time