Uniques worth revisiting

Being that Uniques are supposed to be considered the end goal, best dinosaurs to strive for, there’s a few dinos that I feel deserve some revisiting/tweaking from Ludia’s end, of which are as follows:

TUORAMOLOCH: In 1 update, Ludia turned this Dino from the best Unique in the game to the worst. Give it back it’s damage, please. It’s already considered one of the hardest dinos to obtain, why make it the worst Unique in the game?

TRYKOSAURUS: I made a post about this a little while ago suggesting some ideas to help beef her up. Not as hard as Tuoramoloch, but she is quite difficult to create considering she requires Epics that have to be found as such for her formula. Up her speed, give her a swap in ability, something. She gets way too easily manhandled in PvP. It’s almost like she’s more a liability then a benefit to the team

MAGNAPYRITOR: Pretty fast dinosaur with rather strong damage & nullifier…but soooo frail, look at it funny and it dies in 1 turn. On top of the matter that Monomimus drastically outclasses it. I would suggest either giving it more bulk like its Dimetrodon & Irritator predeccors, or make it fastest Unique in the game with a speed of 129 or even 130. This Dino is already up there with Tuoramoloch as one of the most difficult dinos in the game to obtain, might as well make it worth the while using in the effort to obtain it.

Like I said, Uniques are the end goal dinos to obtain, they might as well feel satisfying to have/using and not feel they’re going to be outclassed by a Legendary counter part.


I agree! Magnapyrritator’s health is just so poor and it’s so hard to create!


My post regarding Trykosaurus buff ideas I made little while ago


Anyone else have any thoughts on the matter? I’m ever so curious if Ludia has any plans, I’ve never had a rep comment on one of my posts, yet

You must add elridominus and diorajasaur to the list, mostly elridominus outdated set, slow speed compared ro other dinos in his niche, and no armor piercing skill and low life, sometimes i being oneshoted by distracting rampage of utharinex


I agree with all of these, especially Magnapyritor! Being that the meta has now been changed to 129 dinos, he just gets outsped and then blown up after getting one move off. With his nullifying move he could be a good Indo counter but with Irritator DNA being so impossibly hard to come by, there’s absolutely no way you’ll have a higher level magna than your opponent’s Indo and he will always win the speed tie and get 2 attacks to your 1.

As for a straight up immune tank buster, he can barely even take out a Stegodeus because unless he gets a crit, he doesn’t have the damage and survivability to last more than 2 hits. It really wouldn’t be as big of a problem if Irritator wasn’t arena exclusive but since it is, magna will always be a little underlevelled compared to your team/your opponent’s team and will get absolutely obliterated. If they just changed Irritator to make him non arena exclusive, I don’t think his pitiful health would be nearly as big of an issue as he could be properly levelled.

Magna is a tough one. Majority of players have it underleveled but he’s way stronger than he looks.
The idea to make him a 129 speeder or more is really bad imo. This spot is already for diloracheirus and it’s a spot fitted for him.
Magna is playing another job and clearly not this one.

Tuora gave its power to utarinex who was one the worst pre update. I don’t have much to say but that doesn’t seem right.

Trykosaurus is a tough spot too. He can do wonders as much he can fail completely. I think it’s fine but he could be a little stronger based on the fact he litteraly requires 3 different epics, way more than any other dino in the game.
I still like him but he’s really hard to level up.

I’m fine with a unique being weaker than a legendary (head to head, raw stats same role) as long as the legendary is overleveled.

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My Tryko is at 26 but I feel that if at level 26 her performance is still underwhelming, it probably won’t change too much even if I level her up two more times, sadly. As it is, Allosinosaurus seems a much better investment given the availability of Allosaurus and her higher speed.

Magnapyritar I won’t be thinking about since I still haven’t been able to find enough Dimetrodon to start creating her, let alone leveling.

I just got my Tryk to 25 last night, and I was excited because of the power boost it got…then saddened to remember it was Trykosaurus and that it’s still going to fall short

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Agree on all, and even think diorajasaure could use a slight buff. Rajakylo is probably just as useful and that doesn’t make much sense since dioraja takes much more work to create and level up. I think a simple move upgrade is all it needs, specifically trade short defense for long protection. It’s odd it didn’t inherit this move from rajakylo, since that’s its signature move.

Don’t have elridominus unlocked yet, but it’s plain too see he needs a massive overhaul. Worst unique in the game.

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@Jorge thoughts?