Please make it easier to get Uniques because it takes too long to get one

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Uniques are supposed to be a grind. Plus some are relatively easy to get. Thoradolosaur, Indoraptor, Tuoramoloch


They are easy to get. You should of been here when the game first was introduced, it was way more difficult to obtain and level up uniques.


That’s the point. They are almost the top beasties and so are meant to hard to find or complete.


Unique creatures are cake now get now. You have raids, sanctuaries, championships, alliance missions, donations, and they even put them out in events. In the past it was a straight grind.


I been playing for 2 years and only have 2 uniques because its almost impossible to fine the things I need to get them its very annoying

Yeah not when you can’t find them at all

It still is a grind because the bosses are hard asf and the events ones are not ones I am even close to getting

I feel like you are doing something very wrong to have 2 uniques after 2 years of playing. Join a better alliance. Mine gets enough dna to at least fuse a new unique every season.


But any amount of unique dna is good dna. It can be used in the future. Also some strats for the unique bosses are with at least 1 dino that you should have like irritator.


Seriously time to find a new team or maybe you are now playing enough.

My alt has uniques and I don’t even try to create them on there.


Takes at least… time and effort


What are the creatures to create it? (Ik phosura but I don’t know the other creature)

Explain what I’m doing wrong I’m getting getting Dino DNA and I get screwed over my the game because it takes you home DNA to fuse but it don’t matter there not gonna change it and it will take me forever to get another one

Yeah look at your level your 20 and probably have every thing in the game so you easy for you to say

WarThunder what level are you? Maybe you can show me your team?

I may also be able to suggest a alliance to help you out.

Thatsmy team

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Indoraptor is the only unique I got legit

Maybe you can try to focus on something like edom or monolorhino?