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United Nations alliance looking for 1 active player


Hi guys!
I will try to be brief. We are looking for one active, high level player(17+lvl), who can replace an inactive member in our team.

Doing quite fine on the missions, finished 12th in the rush(, without much effort, if that counts)

And we have a discord chat room too which is a must to join if youre joining us.
If you are intrested PM me here or on discord (PJ#8539)


I’m on this alliance and I’ve been on a few different ones as I’m sure most of you have. I promise you that if you want a outstanding alliance to be on, this is the one you’re looking for. Spots very rarely ever become available. Best of luck getting picked to join.

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Edit: answer to a common question: discord is a messanger app for gamers. Its pretty easy to use and is free on app store


This is how we done last week just to show you some more info about our alli


Hi guys, one of our members is taking a break from the game, so we have 1 free spot !!!
We are doing a little casting for that place…feel free to PM me if you are interested :grin::v: