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United Nations is looking for active members!


Who are we:

We are a strategic,daily active, friendly alliance with discord.
We reach a weekly reward of 10/10 and in the tournament we hit rank 8/9 (top 50 in the tournament).
We also have 3 level 20 sanctuaries (Park of ARK Alpha group).
We help you as much we can with the raids!
We donate as much we can!

You we expect of you:

  • Daily active and communicate on discord.
  • To do at least 15-20 battles and 10+ incubators a day
  • To get the 10 takedowns in the tournament

Does this sound interesting?
Message me on discord: Leon#1947

We have 5 open places for members!

At the moment we have 1 spot open!

Hi there,


You can also add me at discord: Leon#1947

If you are interested please let me know!
Blind request won’t be accepted!

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At the moment we have some open spots! Don’t wait to long and come and join us!