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United Nations recruiting


Hello JWA community! :grin:
We are looking for active players from lvl14-15 upwards who can contribute to an already strong growing team (only a few places left)
We are rank4 on exploration, but should complete it with ease by the end of the week…so prob. 500 sinos in the bag :wink:
(We are not grinding for the defence missions since the reward is conca so rank4 is likely)
Just created a discord chat room for the alliance where we can share our in-game experience easily and its real fun. We are international, as you can guess from our name, with some lovely people, so you can make friends from all around the world. :blush:
If you are interested please message me and just feel free to ask any questions😄

Enjoy the game, and good hunting to all! :t_rex::sauropod::v:


There are still some places :wink:


I would suggest this alliance to anyone that likes playing this game. It’s a very active and supportive one that communicates very well.

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I would like to join, currently I’m in a half active group I’d say, that I joined in beginning so many have become inactive.
I’m lvl 14 and 3/4th. Swedish citizen but recently moved to UK. 27 years old. Playing often after work and on my breaks along with few other gps games.

My in game name is Niemil#2347
Would like to join beginning of next week when the weekly reward is done for this week.

Edit: my rank points is around 3300


Little late to the party on this thread but just left my old alliance in search of a more active one. If youve still got a couple spots I’d be interested in joining up. Player name is Candito703#4726. Level 16 and 4431 trophies. Appreciate the consideration.


Sent you a message :wink:


Hi Dinohunters! Still looking for some dedicated players to fill out our remaining few posts.
The dna requests usually get maxed out in a few minutes in our alliance.
And our discord server just works fine: we have sections for main chat, tips and tricks, weeks topics, donation thanks and a few more.
If you are an active player, looking to find an active alliance that matches your goals, and want to get the top rewards from the alliance missions (hopefully ludia fix them soon) than just send me a message here :wink:


sent you a message :slight_smile:

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