Universal pictures revoke the license

The studio producing the movies should seriously look at revoking the license these developers got to produce this game. They are an embarrassment


And we can presume that Unity is not too happy to be associated with a game so buggy!!! How Ludia pivoted w/ Jurassic World Alive| Mobile Game Development | Unity Case Study


That would also mean the probability of JW;TG, a currently ok game right now, being shut down and that would honestly suck if some innocent JW;TG player found the game shut down just cause of people wanting a licensed revoked from a laggy game. There are gonna be some bumps in the road for games based on franchises.


My mate the game is more than just laggy :skull:


Still should not revoke the license and risk the possibility of a good game getting shut down (JW;TG)

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Well even JWTG itself has a lot of the same problems it’s just not as bad since there is no real moveset that makes it nearly as annoying

Even if it has problems, those aren’t as nearly as bad as JWA’s. JW;TG doesnt lag on you and wait for 20 seconds to load or have random frame drops all the time. Point is that they shouldn’t revoke a license if there’s still a good game of JW made by Ludia.

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