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Universal questions

Tell me your universal questions about JWA and I will probably answer them for you here are some of mine
1 why are lizards immune to to everything
2 why is smilodon not immune to anything
3 why did JWA made tenontosaurus and ouranosaurus the most useless characters in the game when they use to be the best characters in the game

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How can Dilophoboa sidestep?


That is a good question it is a cunning but they should switch it to Evasive stance


1 and 2: because Ludia said so. For the “lizards” (dimetrodon animations), in the original game (1.0) they were the only group with full immunity (besides Indominus Rex), so being strong against debuffs has always been a part of their design. Other immune dinos were introduced later (immune hybrids like Erlidominus, and groups like the Ornithomimids), but the dimetrodon group were the originals.

3: because they needed a healer class for raids, and they picked hadrosaurs for that. But when you take a dino with only two moves and make two of them healing moves, the dino isn’t going to be very good.


Since sidestep is so much more useful, I would rather have Dilophoboa keep sidestep and give sidestep to Spinoconstrictor instead of Evasive stance.

I don’t get too tied up in the semantics of moves, moreso their effects. Like how can Spinotahsuchus “swoop” when it doesn’t have wings? But it’s functionally just “Wound and run”, so I don’t mind Spinotahsuchus having that move even if the name doesn’t make sense. I’d rather they rename the moves so they’re more generally applicable. Like stuff like “Prowl”, “pounce” and “Fearless Flap” have perfectly fine effects, so they shouldn’t be limited to only creatures that could realistically “pounce”, “prowl” or “flap” just because of the move names.


Well this is more so talking about the concept on why they gave a snake, with no legs, the ability sidestep. Probably should give it sideslither or something.


How does a dino who’s head is 50ft in the air get stunned?
If a shield blocks all damage how do you still get stunned or slowed?
What biological process allows an animal to nullify?
How does an ostrich kill a Trex?
Who wrote a terrible script in which a semi bipedal fish eater ninja kills the most powerful land predator to ever live?


umm… why do i need to win 500 trophies for a level 2 stage? games dont work like that

Uhh, Gorgotrebax?

  1. because before 2.0 they had full immunity and to do not make them become poop ludia made them immune to a lotta effects

  2. idk, it isn’t even the only creature with no immunities…

  3. they definitely aren’t, also why shall they become the best characters?

Here is mine: why does alloraptor have 100% decel resistance even tho it’s a cunning?

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*cunning fierce

mind blowing… :open_mouth:

why do I have no constricting moves like all my other family, but I, a creature with the literal word constrictor in the name, have no such animation?


You could ask the same thing about Magnapyritor and Monolometerodon. Although as a raptor I definitely find Alloraptor to be the strangest case of this. Not quite enough to make it broken though.

Why did Ludia nerf monomimus

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yeah i just found out that alloraptor is also a fierce so i thought it only was cunning, this is why it felt so weird to me

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we’re already on update 2.6, why isn’t Rexy added to the game yet?

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Plus it also was ported over from when Allo was first introduced, along with Swap Prevention. What I find strange is distraction resistance on something with 1700 damage.

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yeah I’d accept that 100% distraction resistance only if alloraptor was totally cunning but considering it’s also a fierce i’d decrease it to like 50%, as well as a 75% decel resistance

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It’s at 50%