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oh welp that’s the first thing that actually makes sense about alloraptor =D


semi bipedal fish eater ninja. what does semi bipedal mean

I think he’s talking about spinosaurus in Jurassic Park 3, and the answer just needs two words: It’s fiction.

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  1. Stun, like deceleration and distraction, is a negative effect; and I don’t think position of head is really a matter here, as stunning doesn’t necessarily mean hitting in the head.
  2. Because stun and deceleration are just special effects, and not associated with damage, as it might appear in-game. Although, as I read the question, I too am thinking it to be logical for stun and decel to not be applied (or minimized) when damage taken is reduced by shield.
  3. If I remember correctly, the campaign mode said that JWA battle is a simulation for studying the in-game universe real-life behaviour of dinosaurs, and help in their proper containment (although I don’t know how shield, nulify and instant heal can affect real life animal behaviour studies, maybe because JWA is more of a video game than a research-based simulation). So, special effects (not moves) in the game, like shield and nulify, is not related to biology of the creatures.
  4. Yes, even for an unrealistic game, an ostrich killing a t-rex is just non-sense, much less is JWA (which seemingly is in-game universe real-life based).
  5. What exactly is a semi-bipedal fish eater ninja?

I have my own questions:

  1. How is erlidominus faster than indoraptor, being that its indo components are faster?

  2. Why did they divide the “felines” into fierce (lion) and cunning (smilo)? this case is unique

  3. Why is the cunning class so bad at pvp fights?

  4. Why are flying creatures not good anymore?(in general)

  5. For there are hybrids or creatures that have been around for a long time and do not get a hybrid or superhybrid



I’m pretty sure Question 6 can be answered in 2 words: Stygidaryx Raid.


But do not think it should be able to be resistant and not complete resistant

  1. I think this is mainly to add some uniqueness and to seperate the actual cats as cunnings and the “cat like marsupials” as fierce or cunning fierce renders

I imagane we’ll see cats like homotherium, cave lion, american lion, european jaguar, american cheetah as cunnings

And cat like marsupials like thylacosmilus, and i know theres a bunch if m. Lions relatvies that their names end with leo, and i think theres also a giant marsupial like cat from s. America thats the ancestor to m. Lion or something not sure, as fierce renders

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  1. well it isn’t a unique case, for example dracorex is resilient but dracorexgen2 is fierce, lythronax is resilient but majungasaurus is fierce-resilient, it’s just a way to vary the game but yes it feels weird to me too

Look at the small Pachycephalosaurs: Stygimoloch and Stygimoloch Gen 2 are both resilient, Dracorex is also resilient but Dracorex Gen 2 is fierce, and Stegoceras is Cunning-Fierce (mostly cunning). They’re all over the place! At least the “cats” being different makes sense, since they aren’t actually closely related (Smilodon being a cat and Marsupial Lion being a marsupial). But I don’t mind either case personally. Dinos are individuals, and although Ludia has their “family” archetypes, I think it’s interesting when different dinos with the same animations have different classes.

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Dracorex used to be fierce too actually. Swap-in Definite Strike, Strike, Instant Charge, Impact and run.


There’s a lot to unpack here…

  1. Stun is a game representation of a blow to the head rendering the target temporarily disoriented of unconscious. If you can’t reach somethings head you probably can’t stun it.
  2. Slow effect as well as stun effects are game representations of hitting a leg causing temporary limitations to usage just as stun would represent a disorienting blow to the head. Shields are intended to be the dino used it’s defense to completely avoid damage… no damage no status effect.
  3. Most moves in JWA can be given (even if loosely) real world explanations. See #2 for shields or slowing effects, lizards do have natural healing capabilities etc etc.
  4. Suspension of disbelief is a big part of the game but sometimes it’s a bit much
  5. Semi bipedal fish eater WHO ninja killed a Trex (by twisting its neck like in a bad Kung fu movie). Yes, I am referencing spino killing a Rex when in reality spino had absolutely no chance of killing a Rex (before you say it, not even in water, read the most recent research please)

Hmm. It actually makes sense as I think of it. But on the last one, the spinosaurus gen 1 can be surely given a twerk, but spino gen 2 is based on JP3 spino (as far as I remember), who actually killed a rex. And scientific inaccuracies are all over JW and JP universe, which are explained as “genetic modifications”.

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yes, no “dinosaur” in the franchise is accurate, or even a real scientifically accurate dinosaur, and spinosaurus in the film was just one of the ways we viewed spino back then, we just didn’t have the discoveries we have about it today back then when they were making the film.

Welllll… technically… I have dinosaur books from the 80s that indicated Spino at 4 tons which is the current weight estimate. The problem is and wasn’t available information it was a combination of needing a bigger threat for a movie and Jack Horner having a vendetta against Trex for as long as I can remember

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If you need to buff one of the most complained about uniques to make your raid beatable, I think you need to rework your raid



I remember making a similar comment about this when the release notes for 1.12 came out lol.

we’re not talking paraspinokatanasaurolophus?