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Unknown creature

There is a sixth mysterious creatures among the other 5 news. Any idea what it is?


Send a photo!

No point, it just shows an undiscovered image.

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Do you think they’ll remove it? I really hope it stays. I like the idea of a mystery unannounced creature

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Perhaps it’s ceratosaurus


I think it’s the new Hadrosaur (can’t spell it’s name)
In the release notes, it didn’t say it was a continental creature. :thinking:

But here’s the thing, the hadrosaur was in the notes, this new creature wasn’t and we have no cue what it is

All we know is it’s currently listed as a Wednesday exclusive creature, and it seems to fall between M and R (Mortem and Rinchenia) on the list.

Screenshot_20210323-110041_JW Alive


interesting, wonder if its a common, rare, or epic, possibly another legendary like lux but chances of that are low considering it would only spawn on Wednesday, unless it spawns often on Wednesday but again chances are low on that

I knew I wasn’t going crazy

What could this creature be?

(It is located on the bottom right on my screen)

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Probably an error and will be removed when they get around to fixing the other issue.

Alphabetically, Rexy comes after Mortem and before Rinchenia… raid exclusive legendary Rexy?? :stuck_out_tongue:


Love where your head is at :heart_eyes:


So does Refrenatem, one of the names that was in the datamine with Andrewtodon, Rinchenia, Stegoceras, Struthiomimus, and Tsintaosaurus. Coincidence?

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well there goes my hopes and dreams :sweat_smile: :sleepy: :rofl:

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We might still get Rexy one day…


Yea I saw that to. Could it be a possible new boss?


Unless they start changing the Apex raids up it is unlikely there will be two Apex raids on a Wednesday.

The spawning isn’t set as a boss spawn anyway, so it might be a placeholder of some kind? I wouldn’t put too much stock in the spawn data. How many times has ludia gotten the spawning wrong on release?