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In the “unknown” boxes, which ones are I missing?

Screenshot_20201026-181535_JW Alive

I need more data to answer that question.


I do not have Dandrew, Mortem, Hadrox, Acro, speak to see them in preview

I see acrocanthops in model

Probably missing Gliptocodon, Ceramagnus and Velosharcos as well

I already have glypto and velosrhacos

Well we would have to know all the dinos you have unlocked then…

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is that it is that, I’ve been watching a good time and I’m missing one. ¿could you count yours, for a doubt?

Do you have Troodon?

If not, then you dont have Troodon, Acrocanthosaurus, Ceramagnus, Hadros, Mortem, Andrewsarchus and we need to find out what is the last creature :rofl:

its obiously ermotherium cuz he’s in area 1 meaning he was in 4 when it came rolling in

I haven’t trooddon lol

Colin found the last one. Do you have sloth? (Eremotherium)

I have the eremotherium, man ,missing one

I think it’s the apexes that’s missing

Well, we already know 6 of them. Just missing one…

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@BenauGr_FZ do you have Doedicurus?

Yeah, i have that

Go through the full list until you identify what you are missing.

@BenauGr_FZ what about Sonorasaurus?