Unlimited attempts on event dinos -- yes, still a thing

Yes the DNA does get applied.

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If they have a good system in place it shouldn’t be possible at all, sounds like they are trusting the client side data way too much.

Makes me wonder just how efficient the sanity checks are, because such a flaw could be applied to other things, like unlimited darts and such =/

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Pre 1.12 when I reported to them what happened, they kinda just ignored me. Just the blanket statement they will share it with support and stay tuned to the forum for updates.

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I mean it makes the most broken Dino in the game so we’re getting there

I’m still waiting for an official announcement as well as what they are doing to rectify the dna gained by exploiting it. I will by posting these pics on their Facebook fan page and Twitter until they actually acknowledge, officially fix, and deal with all the extra dna accounts have from exploiting it. If they officially announce they are doing nothing, it will be more than enough for any player to get a full refund from Google Play for any purchases made in the game. Most likely iTunes as well.

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Hey remeber when they told us what bugs and issues were fixed and told us which are still in process

[Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.5.23

Like you can take a look :arrow_upper_right: That’s how it’s used to be now we have to play the guessing game to see what they fixed and what they broke


They either couldnt fix the bugs and gave up or they created so many new ones, they couldnt keep track.



I want to be able to exploit this before more of us report it to ludia.


Nothing much they can do with the already obtained DNA unless they are going to ban the top 100 players and cut their own throat for the sake of fairness.

Unless they can pinpoint the DNA that came from the exploit and then remove it maybe temp ban the player if the number of incidents is a lot, its kinda pointless. If someone does it by accident or thinks its a feature, they will have gotten “extra” DNA.

Question is: is this a real case or some glitch? I really dun believe the bug is still around unless the Leap Year Event brought it back.

I want to know if its real. I know people who will exploit the bug but I wun because its not worth the time. During Titanoboa period sure would be nice. Now? What is there to exploit it for? Diplodocus?

I want to know if this is a real problem or just another nothing burger that is distracting us from a very bad event.

Go ahead and report it. I want it removed if its a real bug. Its supposedly has been removed

If only you lot were as good at removing bugs as you are at removing my posts, we wouldn’t even be having this little chat right now.


If they were good at removing bugs, you wouldnt be able to chat. Even their banning software is buggy, it cant ban flagged posters properly.

I am assuming you are being flagged often for wrongthink and hate speech.




Reset all their creature to creation level and remove all extra dna. They keep their boosts, Dino’s, etc but the extra dna is gone. Perhaps some more, but eh… Shouldn’t have cheated.

ya’ll realize this is a team of programmers that can’t even make the in-game chat work correctly.
basic technology that is 20+ years old. can’t expect much on issues more complicated than that.


Just gotta give em a bit of time to fix the alliance chat, its only been 15 months :slight_smile: lol


Your gonna likely wait till the end of this games lifespan and still be unsatisfied with the result. This bug is tied to the ability to “reroll” darting attempts. Something Ludia support has said was designed that way intention to prevent disconnects from causing someone to miss out on a darting attempt. Unless the implemented something back in 1.12 they have no way of tracking this to be able to punish anyone.

This game launched with 0 anti cheat protection…No systems set up to automatically detect anything. It takes people posting pictures on forums and report accounts to support to even get their policy enforcements to look at an account. And then another few months to actually take action.

Their is a 0% chance they have the capability to go back and see who exploited this stuff. Even if they had a desire to.


If I was still dabbling in coding id be tempted to dump the game and take a look for myself exactly whats going on between the client and server, maybe see where they are going wrong.

Something like anti-cheat needs to be built into the game from the ground up, so its harder to bypass as the game can take so many different steps to “punish” messing with things.
Actually a couple years back I was working on a little text based turn based battle game in C language, and even my game which I was considering being Client - Server eventually for multiplayer, already had basic anti-cheat system in it.

I had various sanity checks between turns to make sure what the player was doing is possible, and if it wasn’t the game would undo their last move. I had variables hidden as backups for like health and such, to make sure it wasn’t being altered between turns. I had time based checks that would actually see many many CPU clock cycles had passed between functions, to see if someone had paused my game in a memory editor and then messed with variables…

Basically I would time in milliseconds how long an algorithm took to complete normally, say a 53 milliseconds or whatever, and then put a check to see how long it actually took…so if say, someone opened and paused my game in a memory editor for 10mins, my game would see 10mins had passed and force close.

I even had a function that would do pattern scans on on the op codes that stored things that controlled when player health drops, to see if they NOP’d it so their health never dropped, and if the OP code was NOPd, my check would actually repatch the memory and undo their memory hack on the fly, and I also had checks on the checking function so they didnt try disable the check itself :slight_smile:

To achieve all this, I built a basic version of my game with basic battle function and attacks, and I think opened my game and actually made a memory hack for my own game, and then altered my game in ways that countered those hacks, and as said above, even passively undoing memory hacks on the fly =D, it was like a game within a game =D

And you know something, im actually considering getting back into coding, coz I really loved it!