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Unlimited attempts on event dinos

I’m not sure I’d favor allowing them back to the regular arena.
Not sure what the threshold would be for intentional, but if a single dino was done 10 some odd times I’d file that account right to the cheater arena.
I can’t see giving them a pass if they intentionally did it.

I thought that before, but the tournament fight ai bug that was rewarded showed me that ludia would not do the right thing (suspend rewards for that tournament then fix the bug)… If it is another ‘we’re not going to punish players for our mistake’ on this one though, I’d be done… I imagine a lot of legit players would be too, no point in playing on tilted playing field.

The thing is, it’s easy to blame a top alliance for a single players mistake. I get it, we are in the spot light. So it’s easy to blame with out actually understanding the situation. But its ridiculous to point and blame WITHOUT understanding the circumstances. You clearly did not play in that tournament or this would not have even came up. Firstly, one of AP admitted doing so. After which, he stopped playing in the tournament completely. Did not get any rewards or anything. Want to know why he did what he did? It’s simple. The tournament was essentially unplayable. Matchmaking would take 30+ minutes to find a single match. But of course, You only want to blame AP right? Not a single other player or alliance. You know what’s funny? Is AP stepped down from that tournament all together. No one else did. But yes, blame the strong simply because you dont have the guts to blame anyone else. The ignorance is shameful. AP players know exactly who is “cheating” and who is not. When you go out and grind for 8+ hours a day. And some one else gets a creature done weeks before you. While the DNA is new. Ya it’s pretty clear what’s going on. When someone created a P2P dino well before you. Despite them not spending g money on any aspect of the game. And you spent countless time and hours on this specific creature. But some how, this person magically got it without dropping a dime. Ya it’s pretty dang suspicious. So before you go and bring up AP name again. I want you to look in the mirror and ask yourself.

Is this really the right thing to do?

I already said multiple times I don’t want to continue talking about this, if this gets me now banned well done you succeed…

There was more than one member from ap doing the bug exploiting. After people found out some of them stopped, but at least one of them bragged about it. They even admitted that someone gave them tip off about the bug and then they went and exploited it. Before the tournament even started they said they would not take part in it, they were suppose to boycott. They were silent about the issue and once found out they were very defensive. They stopped doing it, but after that now other people also knew about it and started using it too. How you or anyone can defend this is beyond me.


How you or anyone can blame an entire alliance for a single players mistake. That yielded in no rewards is ignorant and beyond me. For a problem that was ludias. It’s not like unlimited darting was caused by not being able to dart maxima to begin with. Unlike the situation above, the AI problem WAS caused through the matchmaking problems that ludia provided. The tournament was unplayable. And the only way to get trophies was either waiting a long time or fighting the AI. the bragging did not come from AP. once again wrong alliance. But like I said before. It’s easy to blame the top, and not anyone else. It’s hilarious though that you would blame someone who did not get ANY rewards for the tournament. But still dont have the guts to blame some one who did get rewards from that tournament. Start thinking before you try to be ignorant.

They are no longer in the alliance and don’t play anymore though so…
I’m really not sure where you’re going with this.

Like I said there were more than one player using it from their alliance.

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I’m stuck here replying to other peoples comments, since they can’t seem to understand that I already was done with this topic, they are trying to get me banned I’m pretty sure.

Also I’m pretty sure that some of the players who exploited are still playing, the thread for that and the proof is right here at the forum.

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Wheres the proof? Cause a vast majority of AP havent really even started the tournament to begin with. I’ll be waiting for you to provide proof. Of course there is none because it does not exist. If others in AP did it. They werent at the top. And they most certainly didnt take away anything from anyone else. So I’ll be right here waiting for your ignorance to have proof.

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Let’s all take a step back here, guys.

Then why are you bringing this up when I already said I’m done with this, there was even a warning about this and said they will ban you if you continue… Sent you a private message with the proof.

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@mukumuku has already apologized for missinformation. this is getting out of hand now. if you want to discuss this please take it to PMs.