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Unlimited boosts from regular SD again

Today right after St. Patrick event began, regular SD dropped boosts again with no limit.

It was fixed, but who knows, how many players collected free unlimited boosts.

I guess it’s your time @Eugene to say that Ludia is sorry about that, only 0.5% players affected from this bug and this will never happen again.


Why would you go and post this, and complain about it?? Spin those supply drops and enjoy the mistake while it lasts. It’s a rare mistake where the player base actually benefits from it, hence why Ludia fixed it real fast


Probably because most of the players pay real money to get it while they can face opponent which just get them through the mistakes of Ludia?

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Cause I pay real money to get boosts and catch top-players and then I read that many players just got a half-hour of free non-stop boosts from SD while I was working. And nobody will compensate it or make it fair.

And yet we’ve had this for months and still no fix :roll_eyes:


Fair enough, I get that. I guess in the big picture, it isn’t the biggest problem with Ludia. Their arena’s are absolute garbage, and it’s been bad for a long long time. I guess, a few boosts from SD aren’t the worst thing. Not that those couple extra boosts are gonna make the Arena worse