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Unlimited boosts many players got yesterday

Yesterday there was a bug with green SD that allowed many players to collect unlimited boosts. @Ned what is Ludia going to do with this case? As usually nothing? So in this situation when boosts are strictly limited per week, some players got 2-3 free weeks of boosts on a couple hours and still there’s no explanation of this situation? Some players pay about $50 for 100 boosts of each type and here you ignore that there was a leak that many players and cheaters got them for free.

I’m not surprised at all. I think I should refresh my 1* rating in play market.


I was wondering this too. Tired of seeing bugs exploited with no recourse.

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Exploiting bugs is supposed to be a ban.

Well they shouldn’t be banned. Its not there fault for spinning spinners. It’s Ludias fault. And look how they fix it and sweep it under the rug as if nothing happened at all. No communication on it, its as if nothing happened.

This and the unlimited interacts and scents plus some getting 4 incubators. Is a pretty decent bonus and jump start for any who got all of that in one day.

For the ones who didn’t get any of it you’re screwed. They won’t answer.


1 teir boost costs $60 . I missed the chance for unlimited boosts. This means that other people will be able to get ahead faster than me. And rally unbalance the arena. They exploited a bug and got a bunch if free boosts while most og us got nothing

I dont think any player should get banned on this instance. If you want the stuff in the green stops, you gotta spin them. You really cant help it if the game gives you more than it’s supposed to while you’re trying to max out everything else in the stop. Only those who continued to spin the green stops after maxing out the rest of the rewards should be watched.

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I didn’t get any extras since I was at work. But I really can’t blame the players so much. Yes some should have morals and not grab 300 of each lol.

But I can’t blame them this game will screw everyone over one day or another. It builds a mindstate of exploit and grab it as you can.

Just like now, the players who didn’t do this now realize you got to go get them exploits asap. And beat towers when they’re bugged so you can get 4 while others don’t.

So they’re the ones creating that mentality there selves.

If you maxed everything else earlier you wouldn’t have maxed boosts as they weren’t being given out; so once boosts were being given it it was legitimate to go and get them - unless you restarted there was no indication of how many you had received so no-one needs to be “watched”; granted if you got a 100 of each you probably should have noticed but I don’t think many fall into that category.

I didnt get to get on the unlimited boost train either. But I can easily see how players got so many.

Watching those who maxed and continued to spin for more boosts should probably be watched for evidence of taking advantage of other exploits. Jsut to see if theres a pattern or anything shady is going on. But I also see them as just trying to gather as much of the resource the game will give since boosts are the most valuable one in the game.

I’m honestly just jealous the rest of you were able to spin anything at all. Since the Valentine’s update the lag and choppiness has been so bad the only thing I could actually do is the Arena battles

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There probably are some who just straight up abused it. I know in my alliance it was reported asap. But just keep in mind that this game encourages it.

When you see wrong rewards on a epic strike. Its better to beat it, then to wait so then you get double or triple rewarded epic incs coins etc while others just get the one.

When boosts are rolling out on spinners just get them all! Ludia is only going to pretend nothing happened. They won’t revert or give to those who didn’t get them.

Its more rewarding isn’t it?

Guarenteed I wouldve taken advantage of it if I could. I try to do all big strike towers I can find. If something goes wrong for enough people, I get extra rewards ( tho I’m mainly after coin)

Yeah I didn’t get any in game mail incubators or any extra boosts, interacts, or scents. I’m stuck at work in the office lol. But yeah just saying.

So when players are opening there 4 incs of exclusive dna, coins, and etc while also grabbing 100-500 extra boosts. While I sit with just nothing most people will then see exploiting is the way to go. So I just really can’t blame a player here.

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The only way this will ever be fair is if we stop communicating as well. So no more “hey there’s a bug that actually benefits us” posts. Cause they always get fixed asap but they know only because we tell them… yet when something is really hindering us… nothing happens. So let’s stop it. No communication benefitting them anymore until they finally fix stuff benefitting us.


Exploiting a bug isn’t the same as hacking the game, so it’s not fair to ask Ludia to ban the players who exploited the green supply drops.

If anything, it counts as compensation for Sunday’s green supply drop mistake, even though Ludia should still have compensated us all for it


I never understood why players rush here to report some of the stuff anyway. Of course its usually posted after said poster has benefited from whatever it was anyway. But the boost one really needed to be reported otherwise some would of gotten like 10 of each category instead of 2-5 etc. Silence swept under rug lol.

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