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Unlimited dna from any dino (non-derailed)

Just want to make sure this stays up until it is addressed as the last thread was closed for going off the rails and complaining about an old bug and some alliance envy tossed in… Since this bug is still here and legit players are facing the ramifications of this bug every day in the arena (and have been for 1.5 years when it was first reported)… and since apparently the instructions are now up on their twitter feed under one of their posts, I think it’s best to keep this topic very visible to players and Ludia.

So just a reminder, a bunch of people have been exploiting this bug by doing something at the right time to get unlimited dna from both strike event Dino’s and just any dino they run across. Apparently the dino respawns too so you don’t even have to go hunting down green supply drops all day, just find one and get all the dna you want. If you find a wild t-rex you can hit it over and over until it despawns.

This is all second hand info as I have no want to cheat so never tested it but something has to happen to correct this and to players exploiting this.

I’ll reattach the images from the original thread as well


really hoping this is taken care of. we did get confirmation that they were working on it, but here’s to hoping there is a formal announcement once all is investigated.


About 17 years ago I remember playing halo online with my kids.

Bugs were exploited, and players went out of the map with a sniper and always won. Or they became invincible etc…

I told my kids at the time how this was wrong, and spoiled the experience. What was the point of it? To get a cheap win I guess but I don’t see how that gives any pleasure or satisfaction.

Fast forward to today, and here we go again.

The best thing to do is to feel pity for the people who do it because they are the ones who have to live with the knowledge that they cheated to get where they are.

I still stand by what I said in the last thread. These people exploiting this bug should not be banned or punished, if they do something to them it’s very clear that ludia is playing favorites.

This bug needs to be fixed.

i think evening the playing field could work.
fix the bug. identify the accounts that exploited it. then give out compensation dna to the others.
a bit easier to do than a dna rollback, and would pacify players up in arms about the issue. no one is banned and the game can continue relatively as normal.

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I’m not interested in “compensatory dna.” I’m interested in removing the kind of person who exploits a glitch like this from the field because they will continue to find ways to cheat.


That would mean that they are playing favorites. We would need ludia to tell us very clear rules what gets you banned and who doesn’t get banned for the same reason etc.

That’s such a weak argument. The people who did this knew it was against the rules of exploiting glitches and intentionally cheated the system for thousands unique dna. It says one chance, they knew more than that was cheating. There is zero ambiguity.


No one was banned for the AI bug that happened during the first tourney. Even those that continued to use it after it was pointed out as a bug. What you are comparing is just insane. This effects every aspect of the game from the top to the Bottom. And because an alliance gets banned for repeated offenses of this exploit. You feel the need to try and justify it’s use.
They should have learned from their first ban and came back straight/legit


Here we go again. Lol

We need clearer rules what is wrong to do and what is not. These bugs and exploits should be fixed as soon as possible, the fact that this has been in the game from the start is insane.

It’s pretty clear that going over /1 attempt is against the rules. Lmao


Stop being disingenuous, the rule is exploiting a glitch can lead to be being banned. Report the bug. It’s not complicated.


I remember this being a thing when they first had a unique darting event. Think we had a screenshot with 59 total attempts. They said they were working on that then too :joy:

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Clearly if a game limits the amount of something you can collect and you find a way to consistently break that limit, going very far over the amount you’re supposed to have, that’s an exploit and you shouldn’t have to be specifically told not to do that. I mean, come on. I hope this is patched soon and that people who knowingly took advantage of it are punished.

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The issue is what bugs are okay to exploit and which ones are not.

Integrity - Doing the right thing even when nobody is looking.

Very simple rule to live by, great motto for all aspects of ones life.

But yeah they need to make things like this not be possible, it will unbalance the game…well more so.


No bugs are okay. Lol in what world do you live in?

Since exploiting is defined as cheating, none of the bugs are ok to exploit =)


Well we do have a issue if some people can get away with exploiting certain bugs, but others are punished or banned for using other ones.