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Unlimited dna from any dino (non-derailed)

Knowing a bug and exploiting it is completely different than using a bug that seems like a new feature. and then stop using it after knowing it’s wrong


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Exactly, exploiting is a willful action done, motivations matter imo.

If you do something in game that seems odd and you later find out it wasnt intended, well that’s one thing.
However if you know its not meabt to be that way, or have your suspicions that somethings not right, but go ahead and do it anyway, THAT is exploiting.

Exploiting is an act one does.

It’s ludias fault for not posting a ToS or something to explain what should get you banned.

Oh honestly. Which bugs can I exploit? That’s your defense? The wording on the bug you are referencing was ambiguous enough to give a pass but to take away all compensation for exploiting it. This is not remotely questionable and continuing to defend it is ludicrous.

This is one of those things you can’t just simply do by accident, if you want to bring that old ai tournament up, battling against a bot can’t be done by accident either, when it clearly was said that it’s pvp tournament and ai wasn’t even suppose to give you points.

Ya these arguments this guy is making is horrendous.
Favoritism, which bugs are okay to exploit etc etc.

It sounds like hes one of them and wants “justice”

I just want to know what the rules are, is there point wasting time on a game that allows certain thing to be used when other people are playing the way it was intended.

I’m not even using this, don’t even understand how to do it, lol.

While I dont wanna get this thread derailed, I think its only fair to assume you werent meant to earn progress in a Player vs PLAYER environment for fighting AI lol.

Just ban them ALL.
I don’t get it.

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Let’s not get this tread derailed again.

Yeah like the boost buying one everyone knew it was a bug and everyone knew they where exploiting it even after 100 threads and them confirming it shouldnt be happening people carried on then cried “it’s ludias fault”

It’s not really hard to Find

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Delete game, problem solved. Move on dude.

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I know, but they haven’t punished people in the past, why would they do it now

Clearly they have. And ludia has acknowledged that the AI tournament was their mistake.

This isn’t their mistake. This is players taking advantage of a clear bug and exploiting it to cheat the system.

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I agree people blame ludia for so long they always admit defeat and give in to the masses so many exploits have been used and its always resulted in ludia saying yeah its our fault… Why change a habit of a lifetime now

Simply put it this is my issue:

Player1 cheats by using bug1, there is no punishment.

Player2 cheats by using bug2, they get punished or banned.

Ludia did say it was there fault even though people ignored the giant message saying you shouldn’t get trophies from ai