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Unlimited free strike tower retry opportunities


Just an idea: No, I’m not asking for the opportunity to retry a strike tower that only allows one attempt for free. I only wish we had the chance to retry as many times as we like (for free) with the caveat that a win won’t earn us anything more than pride.

There are lots of times I’ll fail one of the big boy towers and wonder if another strategy might have worked better. Unfortunately, there’s no real way to practice that strategy, especially not versus the bots.

It’d be nice if we were allowed to redo the strike tower as many times as we like (without having to pay 200 bucks) after a fail for practice to help us learn how best to beat it next time.

Of course that’s probably a good reason it won’t happen, but I suppose I can dream…!


I like that option also.

One try for free: fail and you either pay to play for an incubator again or try again without paying, for just the battle opportunity. If you win the first try you could still battle again, for no incubator.

There have been many strike towers I won, that I would love to have the opportunity to ‘practice’ for another few tries.

With all the other issues in the game, I would put this as a very, very low priority to address.



Besides, they should add regular towers with different level to choose. So that different players can practice and experiment with new teams without having to go to Arena.


I really like this idea. I even think it would be cool to allow people who beat it to try again with different dinos. It could be especially helpful for content creators and people who write the strike guides. They could beat it with their own team and then use other dinos to possibly help out others who have “lower level” teams.


This idea would rock but ludia only got eyes for $$$


Would be interesting if Ludia ran the numbers to see how many people actually pay for a second and third try. Perhaps it could be free from 3 on out. Or pay only if you want the chance of winning awards. .

Or even try charging $100. I have never spent $200 to try a tower again, the DNA is rarely ever worth it. but $100? I would be sorely tempted…


Bad idea, the feeling of winning after I have already lost and the realization I could have had the prize, had I won the first time… it would be just devastating :smile:


I retried today’s master got 350 Erlik DNA so can be worth it! I don’t see Erlik incubators on sale for less than 1000 hard cash